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What are the possible ways I can control my PTZ camera?

You can control your camera in the following ways.

IR remote control

The camera can be controlled using the VISCA, Pelco-D and Pelco-P protocols. IR Remote can control several cameras. You can refer to the ARTICLE for IR remote control shortcuts.

Network control

Open web browser, type camera’s IP address to go to the camera login page. Log in to the camera’s web interface. Now you can use this web to control and set up cameras.

Software control

Our cameras can be controlled by most mainstream software such as vMixBitfocus companion, OBS, and NDI.

Click on the software name above to see how to use it.


This is our self-developed software. You can control nine cameras at the same time. The software also supports Xbox joystick control.


It s a mobile app for controlling PTZ cameras.

Connect to your camera requires three basic things.

1) The IP address of your camera.

2) The VISCA Over IP port.

3) Your iOS device needs to be connected to the same network as your camera.

The default port number is 1259