Some application has specific requirements, OEM/ODM could be the best solution. If you cannot find an off-the-shelf video solution that meets your requirements, Zowietek will be a good choice who can provide you customized total video solutions. Low NRE and reasonable lead times allow low-to-medium-volume customers to bring customized products to the market, tailored for you.

Starting from 2004, Zowietek has been a leading supplier of multimedia and video solutions to OEM/ODMs. We offer complete advanced solutions for multimedia and video products including hardware, software, and fast time-market in the market. We have strong hardware, firmware, software and R&D experiences. The products are widely used in consumers electronics, medical surgical video, live video streaming, harsh environment, police, military, government, medical, training, aircraft and various mobile applications.

Custom Video and Data Recorders, Encorders and Cameras

Zowietek has different kinds of powerful video, data recording and streaming board design that can be easily customized to fit different applications such as Portable video recorder, Desktop video recorder, Airbone blackbox, Video streaming encoder, Bonding video streaming encoder and clound service, PTZ camera, NDI/Dante encoder/decoder/camera, Medical video recorder and AI appliations. Sometimes just drop or add some features will be enough for most of applications. The cost-effective design can be used in many harsh environments, medical grade, mobile etc. A firmware package is also available so that customer can add their own features for their applications. Zowietek also provide cost effective, comprehensive custom video camera solutions to solve your most challenging imaging applications.

Zowietek offers OEM, ODM services; Private Label; White Label, Turn Key, Board Level, and Custom Design.

White Label

Get to market fast. Use our existing and neutral solutions printed with your logo and branding. Enclosures can be anodized other color and logo’s can be easily added to the software to make a solution specific to your company.

Turn Key

Need a custom enclosure, media, connector or user interface? We can provide services to match your requirements. Solutions will be built to your exact specifications based on our existing hardware and firmware. That will be your own custom video and data recorder

Storage Media

  • Media – Choose one or server media type includeing: SD/MicroSD/TF, USB, SSD, SATA, USB HDD
  • Network – Samba, NFS, NAS


  • Connector – Rear and front panel connector can be customized to accept other connectors, BNC or military grade.
  • USB – External expandable device, like keyboard or others.
  • Ethernet, WIFI – RJ45 10/100/1000 Network and dual band WIFI
  • RS232 – Serial data to for control or data
  • RS482/422 – Differential for control or data


  • Position – GPS, accelerometer, IMU etc.
  • Camera – 2K, 4K CMOS


  • CVBS/Component analoug output
  • HDMI/SDI output


  • Battery – For standalone mobile application
  • Car power supply
  • Sandard power supply
  • USB and USB-C solutions


  • GUI – Customize the user interface from simple addtions or modifications
  • GPU – Enhanced video and graphics processing
  • NPU – AI application
  • Appliatoins – A flexible Linux OS, and some serious multi-core processing power, some process includes GPU and NPU, allows custom appliations to be loadded along whith the standard video and data processing


  • Enclosure – Choose the size, shape, color and mounting style. Or you can specify a custom enclosure.
  • Branding – Logo’s can be printed using screen printing.
  • User Interface – Choose membrane button or choose your own button, size and layout.

Board Level

Want to incorporate video and data recoding, processing, or streaming into a pre-existing dvice? Board level solutons are available for custom ingegrations. The modular architectuer allows for easy integration in any solution with custom interface boards that can be made fast.

Custom Design

Need something really uniquie? We can modify our pre-existing designs or create a completely custom design to meet any requirements. Complete design have been made to allowing custom board sizes, features and cost contorl.

GUI – Customize the user interface from simple addtions or modifications.


Zowietek provide most advanced video solutions available.


  • Resolutoins
    • High definitions recoding – 4Kp50/60, 4Kp25/30, 1080p50/60, 1080p30, 1080i50/60, 720p50/60
    • Sandard definition recording – Full D1 576/480i
  • Encoding
    • H.265
    • H.264
    • MPEG-2
  • Decoding
    • H.265
    • H264
    • MJPEG
  • Inputs
    • 3G/12G SDI, HDMI, DVI
    • YPbPr, CVBS, VGA, S-Video
    • Audio Stereo/MIC
    • Multiple inputs combination
  • Outputs
    • YPbPr Output
    • HDMI/DVI Output
    • SDI Output
  • Processing
    • Text Overlay(GPS, Location, Speed, Time/Data, G-Force, Lap Timer)
    • Graphic Overlay
    • PiP
    • Cropping.Scaling
    • Video Motion Detection
    • Streaming
  • Streaming Encoder and Decoder
    • Low Latency
    • LAN/WIFI
    • Rtmp(s), rtsp, ONVIF, SRT, RTP, HLS, NDI, Dante
  • Storage Interface
    • SATA
    • USB
    • SD/TF
    • NAS


  • Inputs
    • GPS
    • Accelerometer, IMU
    • RS232/RS485/RS422
    • Control
      • LAN
      • DIO
      • LCD
      • IR
      • RS485
      • LANC
      • PTZ
      • Foot/Hand Switch
      • WEB
      • APP


  • Inputs
    • USB
    • USB
    • Car
    • Aircraft
    • USB-C
    • DC
    • 100/220VAC
    • Medical Grade


Please refer to the documents of corresponding products.

Item P/N
HD Universal DVR Board 30371-000
HD SDI Micro DVR 30261-000
4k Camera 30451-000
HD SDI/HDMI DVR/Encoder 30421-000
HD Dual Video Streaming Encoder 30411-000
HD SDI Bullet Camera 30351-000

Please contact sales directly for customized order.

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