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Replacement lens model recommendations

All ZowieCam have been equipped with a 4k 8-megapixel distortion-free lens and have calibrated it.

If you need to change the lens, it is recommended to change the lens according to the object distance and angle of view you need to shoot.

It is recommended that the pixels of the lens exceed 8K and the target surface size is 1/2.3, 1/2.5, 1/2.7. Otherwise, the imaging may be unclear and the picture may be incomplete.

For the AF model ZowieCam, the weight of the lens needs to be below 12g, 8g is optimal.

For CS model ZowieCam, if you need to use a C lens, please use a CS to C mount. The specific steps are as shown in the link below: How to use a C/CS adapter ring to change lenses.

Note: If the thread length is not enough, the focus may not be successful.

Since the lens is a high-precision product, please align the threads when replacing the lens to prevent the lens from getting stuck.