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How to use the UVC to HDMI function

Versions and later will support the UVC to HDMI function.

1.Insert the UVC camera into the USB port of ZowieBox.

2.Log in to the web console, click Setting->System->Working Mode, and switch the working mode to Decoding Mode.

3. Click Decoding ->UVC, set the required resolution and frame rate, and click the button on the left to start decoding.

4. Users can also plug in four UVC cameras at the same time through a USB Hub.

If you need to use a USB Hub, please make sure that the USB port of the USB Hub is 3.0 or above. If the UVC camera needs to be powered by the USB port, please make sure that the USB Hub has the power supply function.

Note: The highest supported resolution is H.264, 4k30, and the recommended bit rate is below 40M.

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