ZowieX software released! Centrally manage all Zowietek devices!

Shanghai, June 2024 – Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. – the professional Video Camera supplier, is excited to announce the launch of ZowieX, a revolutionary software designed to provide centralized management for all Zowietek’s proprietary products, including ZowieBox, ZowiePTZ, and ZowieCAM.
Download address for Windows: https://zowietek.com/Download/ZowieX-0.9.4-windows-Setup.zip
This new software aims to enhance user experience by simplifying and streamlining device management process. It can locate the device’s IP address, name, and serial number during the initial installation. This greatly simplifies the process for users, making it easy to connect and debug their devices. It is designed to meet the needs of both novice and professional users. Let’s take a look at how it appeares!
Home Page

On the home page, you can easily view all Zowietek devices in the LAN, such as ZowieBox, ZowiePTZ, and ZowieCAM, helping you quickly locate the equipment you need. Furthermore, if your computer is configured with a secondary network segment, ZowieX also supports cross-segment searches!

The interface clearly displays each device’s name, IP address, product model, firmware version, and NDI Status. In the “Model” column, you can filter and select different device series. By clicking on the version information, you can even see the details of the hardware, firmware, web, serial number (SN), NDI, and ISP.

This overview ensures that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips to monitor, troubleshoot, and update your devices efficiently.

Icon function introduction
  1. The dots on the left represent the colors of the device’s Tally lights, such as red and green.
  2. Click the webpage icon next to the dot to access the Web UI login page.

3. The trash bin icon indicates that this device can be removed.

4.The upward arrow symbol indicates that you can upload firmware here for upgrades.

5. The checkmark symbol indicates that you can select multiple devices for simultaneous and quick batch upgrades.

6. The circular arrow icon indicates that local data will be deleted and re-scanned.

7. The brush icon represents the action of clearing the small red dot in the upper right corner of newly discovered devices, indicating that they have been acknowledged.

8. The cross symbol indicates clearing all offline devices.

9. SN stands for scanning by querying serial numbers. Clicking again will switch to IP scanning mode.

10. The magnifying glass icon indicates that you can search for a device by its name or IP address, helping you quickly locate the device you need.

11. The gear icon indicates where you can check the version of the ZowieX software.

12. The moon symbol represents the dark mode.

13. The language switch symbol indicates support for switching between English or Chinese languages.

Here you have a complete overview of the features offered by ZowieX. Moving forward, Zowietek will continuously iterate on this foundation, adding more functionalities to further simplify device management for our users. Stay tuned for future updates!

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