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How to update the new firmware

NoteThe configuration tool provided by the camera manufacturer can be modified directly

Step 1. Turn off Windows Defender firewall first

1). Click the buttons below in turn

 [Windows]–[Windows System]–[Control Panel]–[System and Security]–[Windows Defender Firewall]–[Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off]

2). Select the following options, then click “OK”

PTZ camera
Step 2: Connect the camera(IP) to laptop/PC(IP), see picture below
PTZ camera

Step 3: Unzip the upgrade tool 

Click “upgrade v2.9-English” and then select “upgrade.exe


PTZ camera
Step 4. Select the wired network card connected between the current computer and the camera, and then click 【Search】; Select the camera to change IP and modify IP information; Click Set and the camera will restart automatically;
update firmware
Step 5. Once the camera is rebooted, you can use the tool again to search for the camera and select the one you want to upgrade; Right-click and select upgrade;
Step 6. In the upgrade interface, you can switch between tool languages in the Language interface;When upgrading, Type must select MTD mode and Type 1 in the bottom right corner; Make sure the camera IP is correct for the current upgrade, then click Query to get the current version information.

In general, the version of the camera installed is the same as the model number of the package to be upgraded, if not, you must check with the manufacturer to see if it can be upgraded.

Select the version you want to Upgrade in Open and then click Upgrade;The Upgrade process takes a little time. Please be careful not to cut off the power and Internet. There will be a prompt when the Upgrade is completed. The camera will automatically restart after you click the Upgrade button.

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