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How to Use OSD Scoreboards

Versions and later will support the scoreboard function.

1.Please log in to the web console of the device and click Setting->Video->OSD.

2.Click the Add button on the right to add a canvas, enter the canvas name and size. The canvas size is recommended to be consistent with the encoding resolution.

3.After the canvas is added successfully, please click the+Scoreboardbutton on the right to add the scoreboard.

4.Enter the name of the scoreboard and modify the size of the scoreboard.

5.After clicking the part to be modified on the left, modify it on the right.

For example: click the team name on the right to modify the name, color and size of the team name on the right.

Click the blank space to modify the background color.

6.After adding successfully, click the button on the right to enable the OSD canvas. Users can use the shortcut button on the right to modify the current score.

Click the video link below to view the usage introduction:


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