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How to Decode NDI Source

1.Please first ensure that your ZowieBox has activated NDI.

Click Setting->System->NDI to ensure that NDI is activated.

2.Switch ZowieBox to decoder mode as shown in the link below.


3.Click Setting->Decoding->NDI to select the required NDI stream. ZowieBox will automatically display the searched NDI sources.

If ZowieBox’ s version is before, the page is as follows:

4.Please keep the output resolution consistent with the resolution of the NDI source, the link is as follows:



  1. Please ensure that ZowieBox and NDI source are in the same network segment. Otherwise ZowieBoxwill prompt No Video
  2. ZowieBox supportsdecodingNDI sources whose format is HX/HX2/HX3 and rate is less than 60M. If the NDI source is Full NDI or other NDI format, please use NDI Bridge to convert it to HX format.