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How to get PTZ cameras working in OBS

To begin with, your camera will need to be connected to the network and adjust it according to your own network environment. Please make sure that your PTZ camera, router, and computer are in the same network segment. Instructions can be found HERE.

To add the RTSP feed of a camera into OBS, click on the + button in the sources window located in the bottom left of OBS.

Then select Media Source.

Choose Create new and press OK.

Now uncheck the” Local File”, “Restart playback when source becomes active”, and “Show nothing when playback ends” checkboxes.

This will make the Input field appear. In the Input field, you need to enter the RTSP string.

This will have the form of rtsp://your IP address/your stream name

Click OK and the RTSP feed will connect.

After the camera has been added as a source in OBS you may wait for a while to get the feed to show up in the preview window.