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How to stream to YouTube

First, please log in to YouTube’s official website and enter the streaming page shown below to obtain YouTube’s Stream URL and key.​​​​

Then, please log in to ZowieBox’s web console and ensure that there is an input signal, click Settings->Streaming ->Internet to reach the Internet stream setting interface.

Click the +Add button to add a new network stream. Enter a custom name to facilitate management and enter YouTube’s Stream URL and key into the ZowieBox’ s Stream URL and push key in sequence, as shown in the figure below.

After entering the information, click Save and turn on the streaming button on the left.


  1. YouTube streaming requires audio input. If there is no audio, the streaming cannot be successful.
  2. When the streaming resolution is 4k, do not use YouTube’s low-latency settings, otherwise YouTube may report an error.
  3. YouTube does not support VBR, please make sure the encoding parameters are set to CBR.
  4. YouTube has certain requirements for bitrate when streaming. It is recommended to set it according to the table below when streaming.       
  5. If the device shows that the streaming is successful but YouTube still shows that it is not connected, please upgrade the device to the latest version or set the resolution to 720p and try again.

You also can get more details by watching the video below. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2853702?hl=en