PTZ IP Controller

The controller is a network control keyboard with decoding function. It has strong maneuverability and effectively solves the problem of inaccurate and inconvenient mouse click control. High-end atmosphere, unique surface hardening can effectively prevent scratching; 5 inch LCD screen display is excellent, image decoding experience is better. Supports the standard Onvif protocol, with good compatibility, strong scalability, and easy operation. It only takes a few steps to achieve perfect control of the network dome.


  • Support network control with independent IP address
  • Support ONVIF
  • 5 inch industrial LCD screen, resolution 800*480, image decoding, real-time monitoring.
  • Support 4D joystick control PTZ function
  • Support preset patrol pattern and AB scan
  • Support IE web setting
  • Support Knob for zoom and control speed
  • Support POE

Technical parameter

System Linux
Max equipment 999
Decoding h.265, h.264
Resolution MAX 1080P for 1 channel:1920*1080@30fps
Protocol Onvif
Joystick 4D
OUTPUT RS422(Reserved), RS232(Development port), RJ45
Accessories Knob, Silicone button
Beep On/Off
Screen TFT LCD 800*480
Power consumption ≤5W
Work temperature -10℃~55℃ / 14°F~131°F
Work humidity 20%~80%frostless
Storage temperature -10℃~60℃ / 14°F~140°F
Storage humidity 0~90%frostless
Packing size 340*268*140mm
Outer box size and specifications 553*460*350mm / 6 sets
Weight 900 G /se


Item Type Update Version Download
Spec PDF 04/20/22  
Manual PDF 04/20/22  
Firmware ZIP 03/07/22  

Order Information

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PTZ Network Controller
Power adapter