Two New HD Medical Video Recorders Released

Shanghai, March 2022 – Zowietek Electronics, Ltd., the professional video product supplier in China,  introduced HD Medical Video Recorder and proud to announce the release two new MediDVRs today. They are medical grade all interface in one full HD Medical Video Recorder with industry’s most affordable and versatile high definition recorder solution. It combines superior image and video quality, all versatile inputs, extensive easy control, various removable storage medias and a range of innovative features.


Wide range of video interfaces

MediDVR can record high-definition crisp 1080p video from digital X-ray, endoscopic, laparoscopic, surgical camera C-Arms ultrasound, and other compatible diagnostic and surgical imaging system.

It supports a wide variety of input/output signal formats, including DVI, HD/3G SDI, HDMI, YPbPr, VGA and S-Video.



Large HDD supports long recording times

MediDVR could save clear still images and videos, work with all major USB Flash Drive, external USB HDD, and internal removable SATA HDD up to 2TB.

Besides, the recorded data can be transferred from the operating room to computers via NAS (NFS/SMA) over the LAN.

MediDVR can record the highest quality HD video for up to two weeks or more. Three-level record quality is available.

Effective touch screen control with medical gloves

MediDVR has a 4.3” resistive touch screen and user-friend operation with medical gloves. All recording, photo, patient, replay, storage status are available on the screen. Physical buttons are also available besides the touch UI.


Multiple remote-control connectivities

 Besides the optional hand switch, footswitch, and USB keyboard, MediDVR also supports scanning QR code for mobile phone and iPad to control.  Furthermore, you can control it via its IP address by LAN or WiFi connected.

Easy management of patient

 All patient information can be displayed, edited directly on the touch screen, or output and edited on the display. The patient information is recorded in the patient folder of the video. Just press the patient button to manage the patient, and support the USB keyboard input to edit the patient information diagnosis log.


Support still image photo and DICOM


MedDVR optimizes for surgical applications, the recorder can capture still images. Still image recording can be triggered via front panel button, optional footswitch or hand switch.

Designed for use in surgical environments

MediDVR can control and adjust the surgical camera or PTZ camera in the operating room via the RS232 or RS485 serial port protocols, and realize PiP with the surgical signal such as endoscope. PiP video preview and record make ECG overlay possible.

MediDVR supports live stream images captured by endoscopes, cameras and other devices in real time to consulting rooms, offices and other locations outside the OR.



Alternative Choice—Portable Medical DVR

The Portable MediDVR, PMD2 is the most affordable, standalone, compact, and versatile high definition recorder solution with the Medical Electrical Equipment Standards .

It is ideal for surgical image recording of a wide variety of surgical procedures, the internal battery can supply surgical recording up to 6+ hours, and is also suitable for distance learning, education, and medical training use.

Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. established in the year of 2004, has many years of excellent experiences in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality Medical Video Recorder4K Surgical Video Camera4K Video Encoder DecoderPTZ CameraPTZ Controllers, and on-going development efforts. We have strong hardware, firmware, software, and R&D experiences to be the market leader in developing, manufacturing, and integration, digital video technology for professional video applications for many years. Zowietek is focusing on OEM/ODM customers worldwide. We keep presenting the latest medical, industrial and consumer video technology and full range solutions to our customers. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at www.zowietek.com.

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