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New Gen of Encoder/Decorder



ZowieBox is a new generation of hardware encoder/decoder in a small aluminum box, and an ultra-compact video streaming encoder and decoder with 4K Ultra HD video. In addition, it features NDI®| HX3, PoE, a standard tripod mount and a big distinct tally light. What’s more, it is cost-effective and user-friendly.

ZowieBox supports popular USB Type-C charger, WIFI, hotspot, DC output and a range of innovative modern features. It is a standalone streaming encoder without a PC, which is a flexible and affordable solution to stream high-quality video over a network for system integrators, streaming professionals, and OEM partners.

zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder zero lag passthrough

Zero-lag passthrough


ZowieBox can capture your game in 4K with zero passthrough, and it can convert RGB, YCbCr 444/422 into a universal live broadcast format. This allows ZowieBox to support various computer monitors with HDMI video output, in addition, pass-through video can maintain the original video quality.

ZowieBox supports HDCP input, no need to set up on the game console.

ZowieBox can support up to 1080p120 or 4K60 and supports HDR10/HDR12/Dolby zero-latency live broadcast. It can downsize 1080p120 or 4K60 to 1080p60, and can also live stream and record 1080p60 videos while playing games. 1080p60 is the most widely used live broadcast resolution.

Standalone streaming without PC and capture card 


ZowieBox is a professional-grade live broadcast device, especially suitable for independent game video live broadcasts.  ZowieBox won’t cause any FPS issues like frame lag, skipped or dropped frames while live streaming and recording gameplay on PC, MAC, mobile and consoles.

Without a PC and capture card, the game can be directly broadcast through the gigabit network. At the same time, NDI game videos are also shared on the LAN.

zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder standalone streaming without pc and capture card
zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder gaming playing and streaming in real time

Gaming playing and streaming in real-time


NDI’s low-latency and high-definition connectivity technology is perfect for multiple gaming industry applications from a streamer’s home setup to a global e-sports championship live stream. Through NDI, users can directly send audio and video to OBS, vMix for live broadcast, and each PC could be the monitor without any capture card and cable connection.

Easily join the NDI world


NDI offers the most flexible and efficient formats, enabling any production to set up workflows easily. The high-quality and ultra-low-latency of NDI®| HX3 are even better than USB capture. The decoding capability of ZowieBox is an easy way to distribute streaming video or NDI® | HX3 on the network, decode and route to HDMI, then output to a screen or project.

zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder easily join the NDI world
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Convert any HDMI video to NDI video


ZowieBox can be flexibly mounted on any SLR camera using a ¼-unc standard tripod. Any existing video signal, such as a professional camera or HDMI monitor, can be converted into a real-time, low-latency, high-quality IP video stream that supports NDI.


Mobile phone screens only require a simple USB C to HDMI adapter cable, and mobile games can also be captured via ZowieBox.

Powerful encoding and decoding


ZowieBox can encode formats such as H.264 HP/MP/BP, H.265/HEVC MP, NDI, NDI|HX2 and NDI|HX3 as well as SRT, RTMP, RTMPS or RTSP protocols whose bitrate could be up to 50 Mbit/sec. Simultaneously it can directly push streams to multi-platforms such as Facebook, Twitch and YouTube, without a PC.  Alternatively, these IP streams could decoder into high-quality HDMI outputs.

zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder powerful encoding and decoding
zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder flexible recording and display

Flexible recording and display 


ZowieBox supports streaming and recording simultaneously, with a video frame rate of up to 60fps and a 24-frame movie frame rate. The input can be recorded as files to TF card or USB storage or NAS. The front mini screen can display current settings and working status in real time. If you have unlimited storage space, you can also choose the next-generation HEVC format for archiving and editing.

Simple operation and easy setup 


Browser-based GUI, you can control it via computer, phone, iPad, WiFi or hotspot. As long as the user’s mobile phone, computer and ZowieBox are in the same network, they can log in to the control interface without an IP address. In addition, users can find ZowieBox in the same network segment on the configuration interface and control it with one click.

zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder simple operation and easy setup
zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder PTZ control

PTZ control 


ZowieBox can control the camera via USB to serial RS232/485/422.  Converting your camera to a network camera by operating it online.

Multi charger with DC out


ZowieBox can be powered by PoE up to 100 meters away. Alternatively, it can also be powered by a USB-C charger, USB-C power bank, or regular DC power adapter in any voltage between 5 to 20V with DC to USB-C adapter.  ZowieBox also features DC out that can deliver 12V DC power up to 12W to power external equipment like PTZ camera, monitor and so on. Moreover, its USB port can also deliver power up to 5W.

zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder multi charger with DC out
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Unlimited transmission


Through ZowieBox, any video signal from computers, cameras, etc. can be remotely transmitted to the remote end, and the transmission delay in the Local Area Network is only 100ms; the Network can support long-distance, point-to-point transmission through protocols such as SRT or RTMP.


Build-in tally 


ZowieBox includes a built-in large Tally display for your on-air talent to easily see which camera is live, synchronize with OBS, Vmix and NDI, then respond to PGM and PVW.

zowietek 4K NDI encoder decoder build in tally


PowerInputUSB TYPE C, 25W above, Up to 20V 1A, 20W up with DC Adapter, PoE+(802.3at), CAT5e above
Consumption~10W Max (Without DC Out)
Output12V 1A DC Max with current limit
VideoVideo EncoderH.264 HP/MP/BP, H.265 MP

4K2160p25/30, 1080p25/30/50/60,


1080i50/60, 720p50/60,

For both video Input & Output

Loop through*Up to 4K60, 1080p120Hz, HDR10 & Dolby
Frame Rate24/25/30fps, 50/60fps for 1080/720p
Rate ControlCBR/VBR
Live PreviewWeb, HDMI loop through and output
*Resolution above 4K30 will be automatically down scaled for streaming
NetworkLAN100/1000Mbps Gigabit
WIFI802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual Band
WEBhttp, https
StreamingStreaming InRTSP/RTMP(s)/SRT
Streaming DecoderRTMP(s)/SRT/RTP/UDP/RTSP, *SRT caller only
Bit RateMax. 50mbits/s, adjustable
NDI® EncoderNDI® | HX3/HX2/HX
NDI® DecoderNDI® | HX3/HX2/HX
NDI Audio DirectAudio over NDI
Recordermp4, mov, ts
Rotation0/90/180/270n°, native vertical streaming
Main Video StreamUp to 4K30
Secondary StreamUp to 720p
AudioSampling32, 44.1, 48KHz
EncoderAAC, MP3, 16bit
ChannelDual, AGC
Input0.7VRMS, 20Kohm
Output16ohm, 30mW
SourceHDMI Embedded, Line In
Input/OutputHDMI In1.4b/2.0b, RGB/YCbCr 444/422/420
HDMI Loop out2.0, up 4K60
HDMI Out1.4b, up to 4K30
NDINDI® | HX3/HX2/HX (NDI 5.5 upgradeable)
ConfigurationDisplayDot Matrix, COG
SettingMobile Phone, Pad, PC, RESTFUL
OSDText, Logo Caption, Time Stamp, WYSIWYG
PTZInterfaceRS232/485/422 via USB dongle*
ProtocolPelco D/P, VISCA
SoftwareFirmwareUpgradeable, Linux OS
InterfaceHDMI Input1 x TYPE A, Receptacle, 1.4b
HDMI Loop Out1 x TYPE A, Receptacle(Mux), 2.0b
HDMI Output1 x TYPE A, Receptacle(Mux), 1.4b
Audio In1 x 3.5mm TRS Jack
Audio Out1 x 3.5mm TRS Jack
Network1 x RJ45, Gigabit, PoE
Visible1 x RGB LED Panel, 1 x LCD
StorageInternal1 x MicroSD/TF, USB
Disk FormatFAT32 up to 2T, exFAT
*All storage media not included
PhysicalSize123 x 68 x 22mm(4.8″ x 2.7″ x 0.9″)
Weight166g(5.9oz) Black aluminum
Operating0°C to 45°C(32°F to 113°F)
Storage-20°C to 60°C(-4°F to 140°F)
Tripod1/4” – 20UNC
CertificationCE, FCC


Spec PDF24/01/17 
Manual PDF23/08/25 
Quick Start PDF23/09/15 

Order Information

4K NDI Video Encoder/Decoder30621-102
4K Video Encoder/Decoder30621-101
USB TYPE C PD Charger x 1
Cold Shoe 1/4″
Quick Start Guide
*USB RS232/RS485/RS422 Dongle
*Ultra Slim USB HUB
*Accessories is optional and sold separately

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