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Installing the OBS plugin to your windows PC to control PTZ camera by OBS

First, download the folder from the website https://github.com/glikely/obs-ptz and choose the asset
“ptz-controls-v0.10.4-Windows.zip” as seen below.

Second, open the compressed file and choose the true bit folder.
Now go to the folder as seen below. Depending on where the OBS is installed, it will change.

Now go to the OBS plugin folder you downloaded and select all the files seen below and drag them to the obs-plugin folder previously opened also seen below.

Finally, it will ask you to allow these files to be added to the folder.
You are now done. You are able to open OBS and go to “Docks” and see the “PTZ controls”.
Click the “Docks” and choose “PTZ controls”.

Now click on the page in sequence as seen below.

Finally, type PTZ camera’s IP address and apply it. Then you can use it to control camera.