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How to control ZowiePTZ by ZowieBox

  1. Log in to the web control interface of ZowieBox, and click Setting->Camera->PTZ
  1. Select the protocol to be controlled. If using Peclo-D/Peclo-P/Visca protocol, please use USB to RS232/RS485/RS422cableto connect ZowiePTZ and ZowieBox.
  2. If using VISCA over IP, please enter the IP address of ZowiePTZ and enter the UPD/TCP port. The default port is TCP (5230) and UDP (5231).
  1. After the settings are completed, please click Save and jump to theZowieBox’spreview interface. You can use the buttons on the preview interface to control the direction of ZowiePTZ.
  1. If ZowieBox has NDI turned on, you can also use the ZowieBox buttonsin the NDI monitor to control it.
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