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How to use RTMP sever and later versions will support the RTMP server function.

After upgrading, please restore the factory settings to obtain the RTMP server URL.

1.Log in to the web console, click Setting->System->Working Mode to switch ZowieBox to decoding mode.

2.Click Local in the decoding,andclick the button on the right, and copy the streaming address.

3.Paste the push URL into the streaming device, such as DJI drones, OBS, vMIx and GoPro, and click Start Streaming.

4.After starting streaming, click the decoding button on the left to output it to HDMI for viewing.

Users can also copy the pull URL and paste it into a player such as VLC for playback.


  1. Only one device can push the stream to the RTMP server at the same time.
  2. Please make sure that all devices are in the same LAN, otherwise the RTMP server will not be available.
  3. If thedecodingvideo is not continuous when using OBS to push the stream, please enter the OBS settings interface, set the output mode and parameters to the same as below, and try again.
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