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What are the possible ways I can control ZowiePTZ?

IR remote control

ZowiePTZ supports IR remote control to control focus, zoom, P/T and other functions. T One remote control can control multiple PTZs at the same time. Click the link below to view the IR remote control shortcut keys

IR remote control shortcuts

Web control

After ZowiePTZ is connected to the network, please log in to the web console through IP, mDNS, etc. to control the camera parameters through the web page.

Software control

ZowiePTZ can be controlled by most mainstream software, such as NDI, vMix, OBS, Companion, just click the name to get the usage method.

ZowiePTZ software

ZowiePTZ software is our self-developed control software. Use this software to view the preview screen of multiple cameras and control these cameras.

VISCA/VISCA over IP/Peclo-D/P/Onvif

ZowiePTZ supports RS232/RS485/RS422 interfaces, and supports VISCA, Peclo-D, Peclo-P, Onvif and other protocols to control the camera. Click the connection to view the serial port connection method. How to use serial port to control ZowiePTZ


ZowiePTZ supports using ZowieBox to control the Pan/Tile and zoom of ZowiePTZ. Please click the link below to view the instructions. How to control ZowiePTZ by ZowieBox

Stream Deck

ZowiePTZ supports using Stream Deck to customize the button position and function to control the Pan/Tile, focus, zoom, white balance and other parameters of ZowiePTZ. Please click the link below to view the connection method. How to use STREAM DECK to control the ZowiePTZ

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