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If nothing is captured on the preview screen, what should I do?

  • 1. Please directly connect the signal source to the monitor to see if there is an output signal.
  1. 2. Check whether the video input is correct. Currently, ZowieBox only supports resolution signals below 4k30. If it is 4k60/2160p60 input, split screen display will appear, it means that ZowieBox does not support this input resolution. Please switch the resolution of the signal source.
  3. 3. Check whether the input HDMI signal has HDCP protection. Currently, ZowieBox only supports HDMI signal sources without HDCP protection.
  5. 4. Please check whether the working mode of ZowieBox is encoding mode. In decoding mode, only the decoding source can be output, and the input signal source can be looped out.
  7. 5. If there is no preview screen in the preview interface of the web page, please ensure that the encoding format is H.264. Currently, the main stream only supports previewing videos in H.264 format.
  9. 6. If there is no output image on the monitor please check the maximum resolution and frame rate supported by the monitor and the output resolution and frame rate set by ZowieBox. Please make sure the monitor is compatible with ZowieBox’ s output resolution and frame rate.
  11. 7. Please restart the device or restore it to factory settings.
  13. If none of the above methods work, please contact dealer or manufacturer service for firmware upgrade or repair.