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How to use NDI Discovery

Versions and later will support the NDI discovery function.

1.The NDI discovery function is applicable to network environments with or without mDNS. After turning on the NDI discovery function, other devices cannot discover this NDI except the configured devices.

2.Please log in to the web consoleand click Setting->Streaming->NDI

3.Turn on the NDI and the NDI discovery button. Enter the IPaddressof the discover device in the input box below and click Save.

Example: If you need to use the computer to discover NDI for viewing, please enter the computer’s IP address; if you need to use other ZowieBox for decoding, please enter the IP address of ZowieBox.

4.After saving successfully, click System->Defaultto restart the device.

5.Select the NDI icon on the computer desktop, right-click and select Open file location.

6.Select the Discovery folder in the folder and double-click to run NDI Discovery Service

7.Open the Access Manager tool in the NDI tool.

8.In Advanced settings, click Discovery Servers and enter the IP address of the discover deviceas same as step 3. After the setting is successful, click OK.

9.After waiting for a while, the NDI Discovery Service software opened in step 6 will discover the NDI source.

At this time, open the NDI monitor to discover the NDI device successfully.

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