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How to perform point-to-point video transmitter and receiver over the Internet

Please prepare two ZowieBox for point-to-point video transmitter. One is used as an encoder to push streaming to the Internet through RTMP/SRT protocol, and the other is used as a decoder to decode the RTMP/SRT URL and output it to the display.

1. Connection method

Please connect two ZowieBox to the PoE switch respectively, as shown in the figure below.

2. Encoder setting

Please insert the HDMI video signal into the encoder. The correct resolution can be identified on the web page and the image in the preview interface is correct. The recommended signal resolution is 1080p60/1080p50.

After entering the web control interface of the encoder, click Setting->Streaming ->Internet, click +Add, enter the name and URL of the streaming, click Save and open the  streaming button.

3. Decoder setting 

Enter the web control interface of the decoder, click Setting->System->Working Mode, and switch the working mode to decoder mode.

In the web control interface of the decoder, click Setting->Streaming->Decoder, and click the +Add button of streaming. Enter the corresponding pull URL and click the Save, and then open decoder button.

Connect the HDMI output to the display to view the decoded video.