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How to control ZoiwiePTZ by ZowiePTZ software

  1. Click the link below to go to the ZowieTek official website to download the ZowiePTZ software.


  1. After the download is successful, please unzip the file and double-click the installer to install it.
  1. Please keep clicking Next until the installation is complete.
  1.  After the installation is complete, double-click to open the ZowiePTZ software and copy the UserID to the after-sales service to obtain a license.

5.After successful registration, click the Settings button below, select the model and IP address of the ZowiePTZ and click Enable.

  1.  After the connection is successful, the preview of the ZowiePTZ will be displayed in real time in the window. Click the arrow key on the right to control the direction of the ZowiePTZ. Long press the number button on the top to save the preset position.
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