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How to connect the surgical video camera to my device?

MediCam provides four convenient and fast ways to log in to the web control interface.

(1) IP address
MediCam’s DHCP is on by default. Please connect the HDMI/ SDI output to the monitor, the IP address will be automatically displayed in the upper left corner for a period of time after MediCam is turned on; or click the MENU button to call out the OSD menu instantly to check the IP address. Input the IP address in the browser of mobile phones or computers in the same LAN to login the web control interface.

(2) Login to MediCam by mDNS
Please enter http://medicam-xxxxx.local in your computer or mobile phone browser


(3) Log in to MediCam by device discover
If you already have MediCam or ZowieBox, you can also log in to the new MediCam by device discover, log in to the web control page, and click “Setting->Dashboard” to use the discovery function. After clicking “Scan”, find the serial number of the device that matches with the new MediCam label and click it to the web control interface of the device.

(4) Fail-safe IP
When the connected network does not have DHCP function, when MediCam is directly connected to the computer via a network cable, or other unknown errors occur, the IP of MediCam will change to a failsafe IP ( Please add 192.168.5.x network segment to your computer to log in the web control interface. For detailed configuration, please refer to the user manual.

User name: admin; Password: admin

(5) Control from your iPad or iPhone
If users need to use mobile phone to log in the web control interface after logging in the web control interface on the computer side, please make sure that the mobile phone and MediCam are in the same LAN, and scan the QR code at the bottom left corner of the web page to log in the web control interface.