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Why 4K60/4K50/1080p120/1080p100 input is recognized as 1080p60/50 input?

This is due to our comprehensive upgrade of ZowieBox.

To distinguish New Gen ZowieBox or ZowieBox, please log in to the web control interface and click Setting to view the current hardware version in the lower left corner.

If the hardware version number is 3.1.4, it means it is a New Gen ZowieBox, and if the hardware version is 3.1.2/3.1.3, it is a ZowieBox.

The old ZowieBox cannot identify 4k60/4k50/1080p120/1080p100 signal sources. Under this signal source, all operations except loopout cannot be performed.

When the New Gen ZowieBox detects that the input signal source is 4k60/4k50/1080p120/1080p100, it will automatically process and convert it to a supported resolution. It is convenient for users to perform operations such as recording and streaming with 1080p60/50 in this situation.

At this time, the input webpage and LED screen will display both the input signal source and the converted signal source.