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How to stream to Wowza

1、Log in to Wowza’s official website and click Add Live Stream.

2、Enter a custom stream name and select the nearest server address for a better streaming experience.

3、Select the required streaming protocol and encoding resolution. Currently, the protocols supported by ZowieBox are RTMP and SRT.

If the actual resolution is different from the set resolution, there may be problems such as streaming failure or unclear picture.

Turn off the Disable authentication on the video source to disable username and password.

Please set other parameters as shown in the figure below and click Next.

4、Please set the remaining parameters according to needs. If users do not need to set, please click Next until the Finish.

5、As shown in the figure, select the streaming address just set in the Available Streams to obtain the streaming address and key.

6、Log in to the ZowieBox web console and ensure there is video input. Click Settings -> Streaming-> Internet to reach the Internet stream configuration interface.