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How to control ZowiePTZ by BITFOCUS Companion

  1. Please download BitfocusCompanionfrom the Bitfocus official website: https://bitfocus.io/companion
  2. Please make sure that ZowiePTZ and the computer are in the same LAN. The Companion software runs on the web page. Therefore, after successfully installing Companion on one computer, you can run the Companion web page on other computers in the same LAN to control the camera.
  3. Double-click to open the Bitfocus software and configure the service port and IP of Companion
  1. After the configuration is completed, click Launch GUI on the lower left to open the Companion web page for parameter configuration.
  1. Search for visca on the right and select PTZoptics VISCA to add it.
  1. Enter the IP address and TCP port number of the camera. The default port number is 5230, and click Save.

7.After adding successfully, make sure the connection status is connected.

  1. Click Buttons above to enter the button configuration interface. Select the button to be controlled on the right and drag it into the left keyboard.
  1. After the settings are completed, click the web button on the left to enter the control interface to control the camera.
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