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How to set parameters when ZowieBox detects the computer signal source as wrong resolution or unsupported resolution

Connect the HDMI signal source of the computer to the HDMI In interface of ZowieBox.

Open computer settings, enter the Display settings interface, and slide down to enter Advanced display settings.

Change the display screen that needs to be modified to ZowieBox, and then click Display Adapter Properties.


 In the pop-up window, select to List All Modes, then select the required resolution and frame rate, and click OK and Apply.

If the desktop mode resolution is inconsistent with the active signal mode resolution after successful setting, please open the Intel graphics command center.

Click on the Display, select the monitor serial number corresponding to ZowieBox, change the scale parameters to maintain display scaling, and click Save.

If ZowieBox still shows that the resolution is not supported after setting the above parameters, please switch the frame rate to 30/25 frames.

If after switching the frame rate to 30/25 frames, ZowieBox successfully detects the resolution, but the actual detected resolution is inconsistent with the set resolution, please log into the ZowieBox web console, click Setting ->Encoder, and modify the encoding resolution.  (This method cannot encode a 30-frame signal into a 60-frame signal.)

Click Setting->Output to modify the HDMI output resolution.