PTZ Camera Comparison: Zowietek V.S. PTZOptics

This is a comparison between the Zowietek NDI Camera(with 20x optical zoom lens)and PTZOptics, including all the features and differences one man can possibily wonder before purchasing a PTZ camera. So with no further address, let’s begin!

Log-in Page

Zowietek offers a much more concise log-in page. Both cameras came with a fixed IP address which needs to be changed manually.
It’s a common thing between PTZ cameras and it’s a part needs serious attention to work on.
Generally speaking, logging in to Zowietek’s web interface is easier, which will be shown in the following text.



Settings for PTZ Optics are not instantly effective, and it does not have any prompt windows once after finishing settings. It’s confusing cause a man needs to double-check if your settings are saved correctly. Zowietek web interface offers better interactive experience. It shows whether the savings are saved through a prompt window and these settings are always instantly effective.
PTZ Optics does not support any modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox, only IE is supported. On the contrary, Zowietek web interface supports almost all browsers
on the market.


Image Preview

Both cameras support image preview, but PTZ Optics needs some plug-ins before previewing, which is kind of troublesome. VLC option in PTZ Optics is and invalid one, which directly leads to unavailable preview images.
Maybe the point of PTZ cameras is not previewing, but it would be much more convenient to get preview images before streaming.
And here comes the comparison between these two cameras’ images. PTZ Optics has better image permeability but as you can see, the globe in the picture is kind of over exposed.
Zowietek image permeability is weaker but none part of its picture is over exposed.For those who want to use PTZ cameras for church streaming, choose wisely. Your robes might be glowing in PTZ Optics’s images.



PTZ Optics offers OSD option which enables users to directly add watermarks to its stream image. For church streaming users, with this option, you can easily a logo or the address of the church to any part of your stream image directly.
Zowietek web interface does not support OSD.


Image Adjustments

Zowietek allows users to adjust the camera’s image parameter either in its web interface or through remote control and the settings can be effective immediately.
On the contrary, PTZ Optics has less function in image parameter adjustment, which can only be adjusted by its remote control.Both cameras’ remote control menus are practically the same, but PTZ Optics has more language options, while Zowietek only supports English and Chinese.

Optical Zoom&Wide Dynamic

Under 20x zoom, PTZ Optics image is brighter but less detailed than Zowietek. And PTZ Optics has better color restoration which may cause its image distortion. Last but not least, PTZ Optics does not have digital zoom so PTZ Optics camera kind of struggled to focus while Zowietek delivered clear images almost instantly.PTZ Optics is not equipped with wide dynamic so it has weak performances in backlight situations, which means PTZ Optics images are over exposed in high light situations.


High Light& Color Rendition & White Balance

PTZ Optics has better performance in dark light situations but its response of white balance took almost 4 seconds, which is much longer than Zowietek.
On the left you can see that lots of details are missing in PTZ Optics image. And when in motion, PTZ Optics is quieter and has a shorter iamge latency than Zowietek does.
Zowietek has better color restoration in indoor environments compared to PTZ Optics. As you can see, Zowietek image is generally brighter and has better color restoration.


Screen Capturing

Zowietek images are clearer than PTZ Optics when capturing computer screens, which is essential to using a PTZ camera for online Education. The image on the right is brighter and the word are clearer than the one on the right.

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