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How to connect the PTZ Camera by ONVIF or IP VISCA

1. Connect the camera and joystick controller in the same LAN and ensure their IP address in the same network segment. Such as & belong to the same network segment, while & do not belong to the same network segment,then you need to modify the joystick controller or the PTZ camera IP address at this time. The joystick controller get its IP address dynamically.

2. Use the joystick controller to add a LAN device as follows:

Step1. Click [SETUP] button to enter the main menu;

Step2. Click to add a network device, input the camera ip address and then input its protocol and port number, press [Enter] to confirm.

(1) For Onvif protocol, pelase check camera user manual and password.

(2) Ip protocol port : please check with camera, for  example ZOWIETEK camera.

Step3. Enter Device List and select the device which you want to be added through joystick ”UP” &“DOWN” press the button on the top of joystick or press [Enter] to control.