Camera Control

How to get PTZ NDI Camera working in NDI

First, make sure your camera is connected to the network. Log in to the camera’s web interface, make sure NDI is enabled. Click on the page in sequence as seen below. You can look up the camera’s NDI name...
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How to use STREAM DECK to control the PTZ camera

Download and install the Stream Deck App.Connect Stream Deck directly to a USB port on your PC. To use Stream Deck and Bitfocus company in combination, you need to configure the company first. →GUIDE Now you should install the Companion button plugins...
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Supporting Xbox Joystick control

If you want to use X-Box to control camera, you should configure the ZowiePTZ first. After the X-Box is connected to the computer USB port, you can use X-Box to control the camera directly...
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How to control your PTZ cameras by vMix

Step 1: Open vMix Software, click “Configure various Input settings”. Step 2: Select the PTZ device type that matches your camera from the Device Type dropdown box. Entering in the PTZ camera network address, then connecting to the PTZ camera...
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