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Querying versions and upgrading

Notice:Don’t update the camera at will, or the camera will not work . Open web browser, type camera’s IP address to go to the camera login page. Log in to the camera ‘s web interface. Click the "Configuration" and then click "Upgrade". Mail to us all the version information. We will send you the update file. Now choose "Update File" and click "Upgrade". Or we’ll help you update remotely...
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Unable to turn on your PTZ camera

Check the button dial switch of the PTZ camera. Two DIP switches are set to ON or OFF to select different modes of operation as shown in picture. Note: Working mode can be applicable dor web upgrade...
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How do I set the PTZ camera to be on my network?

WARNING: Don’t move or rotate the camera by seizing the camera head. First connect the "HDMI output" as the diagram to video monitor. Next you will need to connect the power supply. You can see the camera starts rotating to its default parking position of front middle...
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How to restore factory defaults

You can restore factory defaults in the following ways: Note: The two ways are completely independent. The IR remote can only restore the settings changed through the IR remote, not the settings changed on the web. But the camera’s web interface can restore the settings changed through the IR remote and the settings changed on the web...
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How to get PTZ NDI Camera working in NDI

First, make sure your camera is connected to the network. Log in to the camera’s web interface, make sure NDI is enabled. Click on the page in sequence as seen below. You can look up the camera’s NDI name...
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How to use STREAM DECK to control the PTZ camera

Download and install the Stream Deck App.Connect Stream Deck directly to a USB port on your PC. To use Stream Deck and Bitfocus company in combination, you need to configure the company first. →GUIDE Now you should install the Companion button plugins...
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Supporting Xbox Joystick control

If you want to use X-Box to control camera, you should configure the ZowiePTZ first. After the X-Box is connected to the computer USB port, you can use X-Box to control the camera directly...
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