Streaming Encoder

Video Streaming

How do I power the LiveV400?

It has standalone and long battery life for up to 6-hour live event in the Single mode, live time is reduced by half in the Bonding mode...
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How to update the firmware?

Download the new firmware on our product’s page. Turn on the device. Attention: Keep the encoder connecting power and internet during the upgrade, the upgrade process cannot be interrupted, otherwise the encoder cannot be restored...
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Is device video collage supported?

Of course, log in to the web interface, click the “Video Collage” option on the left column of the web control UI, users can choose up to 6 different standard video collages that includes “HDMI FIRST”, “SDI FIRST”, “HDMI (BIG) SDI (SMALL)”...
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How to bond

If you want to make the network more fluent, please open the button as seen below. Another benefit it brings is multi-address streaming...
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