Zoom CS Lens


Megapixel lens is essential to achieve high quality and full resolution of high definition cameras. Overall image quality is greatly affected by the quality of the optical lens. This lens provides high contrast, brightness and sharpness across the entire image plane. It is compact, CS mount, f1.4 apeture with manual Iris and varifocal from 3.5 to 10mm or 5 to 50mm, from very wide view angle to very narrow view angle. The manual Iris can be used to fine tuneing the illumination for best video quality. The outstanding performance makes the lens fit many different type camera applications.


  • 3 Megapixel designed for full HD camera
  • CS Mount
  • Up to zero object disance
  • Variable focal length, Iris for fine tuning
  • Durable metal barrel and mount
  • Fixed apeture f1.4


Variflcaol Lens Pixels 3 Mega
Focal Length(mm) 3.5-10, 5-50 Other varifocal length range is optional
View Angle 82.5º ~26.4º, 45º~5.5º
Aperture f1.4
Mount CS
Iris Manual
Focus Manual
Physical Dimension(mm) Φ32×39.3, Φ47×76.7
Weight(g) 48, 58



Order Information

Item P/N
Zoom CS Lens, focal length=3.5-10mm 57029-310
Zoom CS Lens, focal length=5-50mm 57029-550
C/CS Mount Adapter Ring 57039