Sony 10pin LANC Adapter without AV


LANC Adapter is designed for all new Sony Camcorder, that connects the 10pin Sony multi-AV remote terminal jack (A/V R) to 2.5mm traditional LANC jack plus video and audio outputs with RCA connectors.

Sony combines audio/video output and LANC signal into one single 10pin multi-AV remote terminal jack (A/V R) on all new camcorders. Most of the new Sony Camcorders don’t have the standard 2.5mm LANC jack any more. LANC controls becomes part of the 10pin AV jack. LANC is available but not directly accessible without the adapter cable. This adapter makes the connection between Sony new 10pin connector and 2.5mm LANC possible. No batteries, plug and play, work for all LANC protocol.



Compatibility Camcorder All Sony new camcorder with 10pin AV Jack (A/V R).
Interface AV Sony 10 pin “D” plug
LANC 2.5mm Jack
Physical Length 300mm
Weight 42g




Order Information


Item P/N
LANC Adapter for Sony Camcorder with AV 65003-030
LANC Adapter for Sony Camcorder without AV 65003-130

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