H.264 Micro DVR


H264 Micro Pocket DVR, a solid state DVR with advanced H264 codec, is one dedicated battery powered DVR designed for portable, mobile DVR applications. It is a go-anywhere mini-standalone Micro DVR with high resolution, DVD quality video and external CCD/CMOS camera support. H264 Micro DVR provides scalable video and audio compression to record up to 32 hours in Full D1 quality on solid state drives. The record time could be much longer if motion detection is active or lower frame rate is used in surveillance. Generally, there are three level record modes, EP/LP/SP for record options. Interface to integrate with other system, customized bit rate, motion detection, time stamp, video Lap Timer, LANC available. Furthermore, it provide AV output of replayed video.

H264 MICRO DVR is small enough to fit in your hand and offer broadcast quality video. It uses solid state drive, removable SD (Secure Digital) or SDHC Card. There are various SD cards for option now in market. FAT32 standard file system is used in video storage, therefore the video files can be synchronized to any PC via card reader or Ethernet.

The Micro DVR comes with Industrial Lion polymer battery for standalone power and replaceable. It will be charged automatically by on board charger while AC power is used. Besides of battery, AC power is also available and can be swapped with battery any time without the interruption of operation of Micro DVR. Meanwhile, Micro DVR also supply power to any external camera with adjustable output voltage. Car cigarette power adapter can also be used to power Micro DVR or charge battery.

H264 Micro DVR digitizes analog video into crisp Full D1 video stream at a full frame rate up to 3Mbits/s. The compressed video and audio are transferred to SD/SDHC card synchronously. As the H264 file is fully H264 compliant, it can be used for direct view and video editing. Micro DVR also offers advanced event handling with video motion detection, alarm notification, Lap Timer and professional LANC remote interface. Micro DVR also features LED, or Buzz for status indication.

H264 Micro DVR can be used in almost unlimited number of situations, like digital security surveillance, remote monitoring, spy, car racing, helicopter, buses, wildlife filming and extreme sports etc.


  • Battery powered for portable, mobile stand-alone DVR applications
  • Capture and replay video and audio in live on sport
  • Most advanced H264 main profile video stream codec ASIC
  • Real time hardware video encoder in Full D1 resolution and full frame rate
  • Video and audio recorded on solid state CF disk without worry of vibration
  • Full D-1 capture for both PAL and NTSC (720×576-PAL, 720×480-NTSC)
  • Maximum 3Mbits/s high quality video compression
  • 9bit ADC with Comb Filter to process Y/C separation
  • Exact A/V synchronization
  • LANC remote control interface
  • Offer power to camera & MIC
  • Standard connection to 10/100 Base-T Ethernet networks as Video Server
  • Large capacity Lion Polymer rechargeable battery or AC power adapter
  • Real time clock, time stamp and OSD support
  • Easy integration, low cost, salability
  • Single cable connection, no mess of tangled wires, no external battery pack for camera
  • Built-in Video Motion Detection(VMD), IR remote control and LAN supports
  • Analog audio/video output while replay
  • Optional Video Lap Timer for car/motorcycle racing



Power AC Adapter 12VDC1A, 110-240VAC Adapter, UL/CSA/BS/VDE/SAA optional
Battery 1×3.7V Li-polymer rechargeable battery, 3500mAH
Camera 12V 250mA output, 5-12V adjustable
DVR 12V 140mA
Video Video Stream H264/AVC Main Profile Level 3
Resolution PAL: 720×576-D1, NTSC: 720×480-D1
Bit Rate 600K-3Mbits/s, Three level adjustable
Frame Rate PAL: 25fps, NTSC:30fps
Record Quality EP/LP/SP
Record Trigger Button/LANC/LAN/Motion
Picture Brightness, Contrast, Saturation adjustable
Audio Sampling 48KHz
Format AAC
Interface Remote Control IR, LANC, LAN
Button Record, Stop and directional push buttons
Video In Lock connector. RCA, 1Vpp, 75ohm
Video Out RCA, 1Vpp, 75ohm
Audio/MIC In 3.5mm Jack, 2 Channel, Mono or Stereo
Audio Out 3.5mm Jack, 2 Channel, Stereo
Camera Power 5.5mm power jack
DC Power 4.2mm O.D. x 1.3mm I.D., DC Power Jack
Battery 2MM Header
Visible Multi-color LED
LANC 2.5mm LANC Jack
Alert* Buzz, Motor Vibration optional
<span”>LCD 2.4″ TFT
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
Record Trigger IR, LANC, button and LAN/Internet
Storage SD Card 512MB-32GB
Format FAT32
Physical Dimension 87x70x23.5mm
Weight 200g (with battery and SD)
PC Pentium III 800M/128M or higher with SD or card reader
Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7


Item Type Last Update Version Download
Spec PDF Spec
User Manual*
(*password reiqured)
PDF Manual
Firmware ZIP 2011.03 110311 Firmware

Order Information

Item P/N
H264 Micro DVR 30141-261
H264 Micro DVR with LAP Timer 30201-271
H264 Micro DVR Kit with Camera, LANC and/or Lap Timer 30201-371
Bullet CCD Camera
LANC Remote Control
Accessories listed above are optional and sold separately

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