The footswitch allows you to easily record video and photo remotely without the limit of distance. Depress the pedal of the footswitch down performs the same function as pressing the “Record” button on the front panel. 

Another option is LANC, wired remote control with record status feedback. It is water proof and cable length can be extended.


Interface Connector 3.5mm TRS, IP68
Connector USB 2.0, IP68
Wireless USB Adapter 30m indoor, 150m outdoor, 4* AAA Battery. IP68
Physical Dimension 95x63x25, 108x63x25, 400x160x35mm
Length 2m, 3m
Weight 164g, 996g, 1040g,1786g
IP IP54, IP68

Order Information

Item P/N
Footswitch Single,  TRS 3.5mm 68950-001
Footswitch Dual, TRS 3.5mm 68950-002
USB Footswitch Dual 68951-002
USB Footswitch Triple 68951-003
USB Wireless Footswitch Single 68953-001