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Announced in the year of July. 2021, Shanghai–Zowietek Electronics, Ltd., – the controller keyboard is an essential device in an integrated surveillance system for all front-end cameras and head. And the all-round control of the electric lens, can be achieved through the controller keyboard, simple and convenient operation. We have 2 controller keyboards, which have different functions. Let’s take a look.

The controller is an indispensable device in the integrated video conferencing system, providing full control of all front-end cameras, pan/tilt and motorized lenses. There are usually many numeric keys and function keys on the controller. An LCD liquid crystal display is provided on the control keyboard for displaying control commands or working states of various monitoring programs in the system. One system uses one controller for remote control of the entire video conferencing system.

The max communication distance is up to 1200M(0.5MM Twisted Pair Cable).

Adopt 3D joystick to control the camera speed, which brings convenience to use.

PTZ  Controller
PTZ controller

Control camera rotation, zoom, aperture, focus and other camera parameter settings. The user can set the parameters of the camera on the keyboard for remote control.

Typical Application: PTZ control  is more suitable for church without internet. It’s convenient and inexpensive.

Rocker switch and knob, users can adjust the focal length , the aperture manually, which allows customers to modify control code commands by themselves.

universal PTZ control
universal PTZ control

Web Page Configuration. Users can add or decrease devices in the software.

The controller and PTZ camera must be connected to the same LAN, and IP addresses must at the same segment.

universal PTZ control

                                                                         Comparison About Control Modes And Control Protocols

  PTZ controller

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