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How to control your PTZ Optics cameras with Open broadcaster Software?

How to control your PTZ Optics cameras with VMIX?

How to find your PTZ Camera IP address?

In a local area network, the camera and computer must be in the same segment. The device will not be accessible if without the segment. The camera default IP address is, then segment 5 must be added in the computer. Specific steps, refer to page 26 of the user manual. If you want to find the IP address,  then you can use thefollowing methods:

Download software tool: ZowieTek search application. and application ZowieTek search. As shown in the figure. 

The second  way : Connect  to HDMI or SDI monitor, when powered on,

the upper left corner can see the current address. As shown in the figure. 

How to restore camera's default user name, password, and IP address in IR remote control?

All Zowietek PTZ cameras’ factory default IP address is, use Remote Control and press

in strict sequence. 

How to restore to factory default?



Option 1: Log in the camera’s web interface. Go to Configuration>System Configure>

Default, click as P1 shows and restore to default. 

Option 2: Use Remote Control and press
as P2 shows. 

in strict sequence

How to stream to YouTube& Facebook?

DNS Setting

First of all, make sure that the PTZ camera can connect to Internet. Connect to camera’s web setting in browser,Camera web > The Configuration > Configure Network >

DNS:Set the DNS IP the same as your router’s IP address, such as Or set as local public DNS address, such as Google’s public DNS and so on, dependent on your local region and area.

If don’t know how to connect to PTZ camera’s web setting in browser, please refer to Quick Start Guide

Second, use your account and password to log into the camera’s

administrator interface for further operations.

Third, open the DHCP

Save your settings. 

Step 2:

YouTube StreamClick on Youtube page in  sequence as the picture shows and

get your Stream Key and Stream URL, which are essential to stream

set-ups on Youtube. 

Facebook Stream

Click in your Facebook page as the picture shows to get your Stream

Key and Stream URL. 

Step 3:Go to Configuration>Video Configure> Stream Publish and use the

information from Step 2 to set up your stream.

Use Stream URL for Host Address and Stream Key for Stream Name.

Don’t forget to change your Host Port to “443” .

Save your settings. 

Step 4:

Once you have saved all the settings above, your streaming on Youtube

(Facebook)starts immediately, so keep an eye on the stream page.

Notice: Some models may need audio configuration to push stream properly.

So if you finished all the steps above and still can’t start your stream, please

follow the steps below.

Go to Audio Configure>Enable Audio Configure>Save settings. 
In conclusion, set up streaming needs at least 3 steps: log in the camera’s web

interface, get the info from the platform you want to stream to, use the info

in the right section.

And here is an example of using Zowietek PTZ camera to set up stream to


How to connect with OBS&vMix(NDI models)?

For OBS users

Step 1:

Folllow the steps in the picture on the right to add an NDI source in your

OBS interface.In the thrid step, you need to click on where the arrow points

to and use its listed option as the pictures shows.

Notice: You need to download OBS-NDI plug-in before adding an NDI source,

which does not come with OBS itself. 

Step 2:

Save your settings in previous operations.Then click as the picturs shows to

input your Stream Key, which you can get by following the instruction above. 

For VMix users

Click in VMix as the picture shows then you can transmis your NDI camera’s

images to VMix.

Notice: If you have various NDI sources, please select the one you need. 



If you got here, then it means you have completed all the basic settings 

How to change the camera's Zoom Speed?


 You can use the IR remote: press “menuè(P/T/Z)èZoom Speed, you can set

the speed from 1 to 8.  

PTZ streaming camera

Unable to turn on your PTZ camera?

Check the buttom dial switch of the PTZ camera;

As shown on the right, which is USB3.0 Software

Upgrade Mode.

PTZ model: two DIP switches are set to ON or OFF

to select different modes of operation as shown in

Table.  (Back to top)

Note: Working mode can be applicable for web upgrade.

How to change preset speed?

 You can use the IR remote: press “menuè(P/T/Z)èPreset Speed, you can

set the speed from 1 to 10.  

How to pull stream through RTSP(VLC)?

First, choose NETWORK for VLC media source. Then log in the camera’s web

interface, go to Configuration> Stream Publish, choose RTSP for Protocol

Type, the use Host Address and Stream Name to create an unique network

URL for VLC. Last, click play to start stream. Please refer to the

picture on the right for specific naming rules. 

How to control your PTZ cameras with Open broadcaster Software?

Step 1:

Download plugin. The plugin supports the VISCA serial, VISCA-over-IP, and PELCO-P protocols.

Step 2:

Download address: Https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/ptz-controls.1284/download                                                        

Step 3:

 Install the plugin then go to the main menu on the OBS dashboard and click “Tools”  ,  Select the menu “PTZ Devices”  . 

Step 4:
PTZ Device Settings. 

How to control your PTZ cameras with VMIX?

Step 1:

Open VMIX Software, Click “Configure various Input settings”


Step 2:

Select the PTZ device type that matches your camera from the Device Type dropdown box.

Entering in the PTZ cameras Network address . Connecting to the PTZ camera Once the Device Type and Address have been selected click Connect to connect to the camera. If success, the controls below the Connect button will be enabled. 
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