Zowietek Announces 1CH Pocket DVR

Shanghai, 2006– Zowietek Electronics, Ltd., the multi-media and network video product supplier in China, announce Pocket DVR today.

It is one dedicated battery powered DVR designed for portable, mobile DVR applications. It is a go-anywhere mini standalone Pocket DVR with high resolution, DVD quality video and external CCD/CMOS camera support. The maximum MPEG-4/2 video bit rate can reach up to 6MBit/s. Pocket DVR provides scalable video audio compression to record up to 8 hours in Full D1 quality on solid state drives. This time could be doubled for CIF quality video. The record time could be much longer if motion detection is active or lower frame rate. Generally, there are three record modes, EP/LP/SP for record options. Interface to integrate with other system, customized video resolution, bit rate, motion detection and time stamp are also available.

Pocket DVR is small enough to fit in your hand and offer broadcast quality video. It uses solid state drive, removable Compact Flash Card. There are various CF cards for option now in market. FAT32 standard file system is used in video storage, therefore the video files can be accessed by any PC via card reader or PCMCIA interface.

Besides of battery, AC power is also available. The Pocket DVR comes with Industrial Lion battery for standalone power and instantly replaceable. It will be charged automatically by on board charger while AC power is used. Battery and AC power can be swapped any time without the interrupt of operation of Pocket DVR. Car cigarette power adapter can also be used to power Pocket DVR or charge battery. LAN interface is optional for Pocket DVR in specific network applications. Pocket DVR turns to be a network video server and NVR with LAN interface.

Pocket DVR is based on embedded powerful ARM processor with advanced hardware MPEG 4/2/1 and RTOS (Linux). It digitizes analog video into crisp, real-time MPEG 4/2/1 or video stream at a full frame rate of 30/25 frames per second. The MPEG video and audio are transferred to disk synchronously. It also offers advanced event handling with video motion detection, alarm notification and IR remote control. Pocket DVR also features LED and vibration for status indication.

Pocket DVR can be used in almost unlimited number of situations, like digital security surveillance, remote monitoring, spy and car electronics etc.

Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. established in the year of 2004, has many years of excellent experiences in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality Medical Video Recorder4K Surgical Video Camera4K Video Encoder DecoderPTZ CameraPTZ Controllers, and on-going development efforts. We have strong hardware, firmware, software, and R&D experiences to be the market leader in developing, manufacturing, and integration, digital video technology for professional video applications for many years. Zowietek is focusing on OEM/ODM customers worldwide. We keep presenting the latest medical, industrial and consumer video technology and full range solutions to our customers. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at www.zowietek.com.

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