World’s smallest Full HD Bullet DVR is released

Shanghai, 2012– Zowietek Electronics, Ltd., the professional video product supplier in China, announce HD Bullet DVR and HD Bullet DVR Pro with CS Mount today. It is a world’s smallest, lightest, solid state 1080p Full HD Bullet DVR with advanced H264/MPEG4 codec, is one dedicated battery powered HD DVR designed for action applications. It is a go-anywhere wearable, rugged, easy to use camcorder that records beautiful 1080p video with hands-free within actions.

A fully charged HD Bullet DVR can records up to 90 minutes full HD 1080p video and audio into a Micro SDHC card. A single record button makes operation simple and easy with just one click. Even more, you can connect to handy LANC remote control while focusing on your activities. The HD Bullet DVR can be wear on head, mount on bike, helmet or vehicle. Its laser level alignment can ensure you get the shot each time.

HD Bullet DVR achieves several remarkable features in the market. It the smallest compared to the competitors with same video quality, just quarter’s diameter and credit card’s length. It is the lightest, just the weight of an egg. It has unique LANC interface even though it is so small. It records much smaller video file with the same bit rate compared to the competitors. It supports both H.264 and MPEG4 video format. It also has familiar real bullet camera shape so any traditional camera and flash light mount can be used. Feel stead when hold in hand.

Another unique design on market is HD Bullet DVR Pro with CS Mount option. With it, any industrial standard CS Mount lens from fix to zoom can be installed for critical or creative applications. It overcomes the lens limitation, provides the freedom of video shooting and opens up a wide-range of artistic possibilities. With C-Mount adapter, C mount lens system can also be used.

There are six level record quality, LQ/EP/LP/SP/HQ/UQ for record options. On board gain adjustable omnidirectional microphone, on board charger and buzzer are also available. Two bicolor LED are used to indicate battery gauge and free card space.

The HD Bullet DVR uses solid state drive, removable Micro SDHC without worry about vibration. FAT32 standard file system is used in video storage, therefore the video files can be imported to any PC via onboard USB or card reader and replayed by ExtremeApp, a supplied software which can import, replay HD Bullet Video and configure the settings.

The HD Bullet DVR also comes with internal Industrial Lion polymer battery for standalone power. It will be charged automatically by on board charger while USB power connected. The USB power can be swapped with battery any time without the interruption of record operation. It supports standby mode while idle to extend the working time.

Quality high sensitivity, low light operation CMOS sensor is used for video capture with 120 degree view wide angle lens protected by anti-reflecting/scratch lens. HD Bullet DVR records the video into crisp 1080p full HD video stream at a full frame rate up to 12Mbits/s. The HD Bullet DVR also supports time-lapse photo and high-speed burst mode so no brilliant senses will be missed.

HD Bullet DVR Plus can be used in almost unlimited number of situations,like sports, security surveillance, remote monitoring, spy, car racing, helicopter, bus and wildlife filming etc.

Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. established in the year of 2004, has many years of excellent experiences in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality Medical Video Recorder4K Surgical Video Camera4K Video Encoder DecoderPTZ CameraPTZ Controllers, and on-going development efforts. We have strong hardware, firmware, software, and R&D experiences to be the market leader in developing, manufacturing, and integration, digital video technology for professional video applications for many years. Zowietek is focusing on OEM/ODM customers worldwide. We keep presenting the latest medical, industrial and consumer video technology and full range solutions to our customers. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at www.zowietek.com.

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