ZowiePTZ App


ZowiePTZ is software PTZ controller application on PC. The App is designed for the majority of small and medium-sized live stream broadcast workers and teams. It can control in 4 or 9 ptz cameras in quad or nine preview grid simultaneously by VISCA over IP. It supports X-box Joystick. With this feature, user can control any one of PTZ camera just like PTZ controller keybord. The ZowiePTZ App has most of the functions of tradiitional PTZ controllers. It is cheap, easy-to-use and user friendly. Plus, it is free for all existing Zowietek PTZ camera owners.


  • Supports simultaneous previews of 9 cameras/4 cameras
  • Offers 6 preset positions for each camera
  • Control the PTZ camera
  • Work with X-box
  • Adust the zoom, focus and IRIS
  • Set the camera speed


ItemTypeLast UpdateVersionDownload
ZowiePTZ App (Windows) ZIP06/20/21V1.0 
Quick Start GuidePDF06/20/21