Shanghai, December 2023 – Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. – the professional Video Camera supplier, introduced a new 4K Surgical Video Camera which is the world first surgical field camera to support NDI under the medical grade. It is designed for capturing high resolution 4K, video from surgical procedures.

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New Gen of Surgical Field Camera


MediDVR’s new 4K surgical field camera–MediCam, which is the world first surgical field camera to support NDI under the medical grade. It is designed for capturing high resolution 4K,video from surgical procedures

Easily join the NDI world


NDI could offer most flexible and efficient formats with lower latency. In addition, the camera also supports PoE power supply, which requires only one LAN cable for power supply and transmission, making it easy to transmit, share, and store medical videos under the hospital LAN.

Easy Operation


MediCam simultaneously outputs 4K HDMI and 3G-SDI HD video, which is ideal for connecting both a 4K monitor and a medical video recorder in the operating room. Besides MediCam has optimized for NAS storage so you can archive and share medical images on secure hospital servers.

Sony Sensor


MediCam utilizes a large Sony CMOS image sensor, which ensures a high level of detail and extremely low image noise, resulting in excellent 4K image quality.

12x, 18x or 25x Lens Options


Unlike traditional surgical cameras, MediCam is available with a choice of 12x, 18x, or 25x high-quality optical zoom lenses to meet the needs of different surgical scenarios. In addition, it is also possible to zoom in at high magnification for detailed close-ups of complex surgical procedures.

Multiple Camera Control


MediCam not only supports traditional RS232/485/422 PELCO/VISCA wired control, but also IP VISCA and NDI network control. You can use the keyboard controller, MediDVR’s medical video recorder, or front-button contro

Control from your iPad or iPhone


In addition, MediCam’s network port design makes it possible to view, transmit, and control surgical video in real time on PC, mobile phone, and iPad. The easy-to-use interface requires no special training.Control from your iPad or iPhone

Multiple Focusing Options  


In the auto-focus mode, in addition to selecting the Zone focus, you can also select the point focus, you can click on any point you want to focus.

Standard Filter Thread  


MediCam’sND, UV filter thread is designed for use with any density standard ND lens. Captures high-quality medical images in a wide range of environments, including operating rooms with constant shadowless lights, strobe shadowless lights, and more.

Exposure Compensation 


MediCam’s features exposure compensation. Lighting conditions in the operating room change frequently, including bright surgical lights and darker areas. Adjustments to exposure compensation allow the camera to accurately capture images during these changes.

Perfect Design for Operating Room


MediCam is a medical camera designed specifically for the operating room, optimized for sideways or rearward boom mounting in the operating room, with cables accessible through the flash cover. Connecting wires and cables are centralized in a dust-lock connector, allowing the camera to rotate freely and securely. Very easy to mount on a demonstration trolley or operating room boom.

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