Shanghai, July 2023 – Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. – the professional Video Streaming Encoder supplier, introduced a new 4K NDI Video Encoder/Decoder–ZowieBox. Featuring NDI® Encoding and Decoding, HDMI inputs and outputs, Zero-lag Loop Outs, PoE+ capabilities, and a built-in tally light.

Zero-lag passthrough


Each ZowieBox can stream and record your console gameplay by 4K capture with zero-lag passthrough. It will not affect the high-standard PC, XBOX, PS4/5 and other gaming experiences at all.

Standalone streaming without PC and capture card 


Streaming with ZowieBox does not consume CPU or cause the frame rate to drop, so it will not affect your gaming experience. Without a PC and capture card, the game can be directly broadcast through the gigabit network. At the same time, NDI game videos are also shared on the LAN.

Gaming playing and streaming in real-time


NDI’s low-latency and high-definition connectivity technology is perfect for multiple gaming industry applications from a streamer’s home setup to a global e-sports championship live stream. Through NDI, users can directly send audio and video to OBS, vMix for live broadcast, and each PC could be the monitor without any capture card and cable connection.

Easily join the NDI world


NDI offers the most flexible and efficient formats, enabling any production to set up workflows easily. The high-quality and ultra-low-latency of NDI®| HX3 are even better than USB capture. The decoding capability of ZowieBox is an easy way to distribute streaming video or NDI® | HX3 on the network, decode and route to HDMI, then output to a screen or project.

Streaming on-the-go 


ZowieBox could easily mount on top of any SLR or screen sources with 1/4 mount underneath by a ball head or any standard mounting gear. It can convert any existing video such as SLR cameras or PTZ cameras into NDI-enabled IP workflow with real-time, low latency and high quality.

Powerful encoding and decoding


ZowieBox can encode formats such as H.264 HP/MP/BP, H.265/HEVC MP, NDI, NDI|HX2 and NDI|HX3 as well as SRT, RTMP, RTMPS or RTSP protocols whose bitrate could be up to 50 Mbit/sec. Simultaneously it can directly push streams to multi-platforms such as Facebook, Twitch and YouTube, without a PC.  Alternatively, these IP streams could decoder into high-quality HDMI outputs.

Flexible recording and display 


ZowieBox supports streaming and recording simultaneously. Up to 24fps, inputs can be recorded as files to TF card or an external, USB-connected storage device or NAS. The front mini screen can display current settings and working status in real time. A browser-based GUI enables setting and control of encoder done by PC, smartphone or pad via WIFI, hotspot or LAN.

Simple operation and easy setup 


You can access ZowieBox without an IP address as if your phone and PC are in the same LAN with ZowieBox. In addition, every ZowieBox has a hotspot, you also can use a mobile phone to connect. Furthermore, you can discover all your ZowieBox or ZowiePTZ at the dashboard, then just one click to access the other ZowieBox.

PTZ control 


ZowieBox can control the camera via USB to serial RS232/485/422.  Converting your camera to a network camera by operating it online.

Multi charger with DC out


ZowieBox can be powered by PoE up to 100 meters away. Alternatively, it can also be powered by a USB-C charger, USB-C power bank, or regular DC power adapter in any voltage between 5 to 20V with DC to USB-C adapter ZowieBox also features DC out that can deliver 12V DC power up to 12W to power external equipment like PTZ camera, monitor and so on. Moreover, its USB port can also deliver power up to 5W.

Unlimited transmission


Through ZowieBox, any video signal from computers, cameras, etc. can be remotely transmitted to the remote end, and the transmission delay in the Local Area Network is only 100ms; the Network can support long-distance, point-to-point transmission through protocols such as SRT or RTMP.

Built-in tally 


ZowieBox includes a built-in large Tally display for your on-air talent to easily see which camera is live, synchronize with OBS, Vmix and NDI, then respond to PGM and PVW.

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