ZowieX makes it easy to manage, monitor, and update Zowietek devices. Each ZowieBox, ZowieCam, ZowiePTZ, show up automatically in ZowieX, allowing instant access to all relevant device information, including status, IP address, serial number (SN), NDI, device name, tally light,  firmware version, etc.


ZowieX is the central hub for Zowietek hardware device network. It’s a simple and practical tool. Plus, it’s free.

You can use ZowieX to scan all ZowieBox, ZowieCam, and ZowiePTZ devices within the local area network, easily access them with a click, and quickly check the current network status of each device.

Of course, you can also change the names of your devices here.

Through ZowieX, you can also easily control your Zowietek NDI switches and NDI discovery and Multicast.

ZowieX could monitor and control each Zowietek device’s Tally lights.

With ZowieX, you can monitor each zowietek devices’ firmware and hardware versions and perform batch upgrades to new firmware.