Portable Medical Video Recorder(Discontinued)


Portable HD MediDVR, a medical grade dual interface full HD Video Recorder, is industry’s first and most affordable, standalone, compact and versatile high definition recorder solution. It combines superior image and video quality, extensive easy control various removable storage medias and a rage of innovative features.

It is standalone, internal battery can supply surgical recording up to 5 hours. External medical grade power adapter can be connected for longer recording time or fully charge the battery in 2 hours alone. It is as small as palm that you can take it to anywhere.

Portable MediDVR can record high-definition crisp 1080p video from endoscope, arthroscopy, surgical camera, C-Arms, ultrasound etc. Saves extremely clear still images and videos to an internal removable HDD external USB HDD, USB Flash, SD Card or network. With HDD it can record highest quality HD video up to two weeks. Three level record quality is available. On board gain adjustable omni-directional microphone buzzer and full color LED feedback are also available.

Meanwhile portable MediDVR supports real time streaming by connecting to the hospital network. It enables the live transmission of procedures to other practitioners or students outside of the operating theater for training or monitoring purposes on PC or iPad/iPhone.

Portable MediDVR is small size universal and easy operation no special training is required. It is just plug and play. It has universal video connectivity and compatibility, the dual video input formats enable compatibility and integration with virtually all surgical system manufactures. It accepts  HD/3G SDI and HDMI as well as 1080i50/60 or 1080p50/60. It also has SDI loop output.

The MediDVR can be used in almost unlimited number of situations the major application is in medical imaging. No long limited to paper or film-based images and no longer any need for cumbersome DVD disks. The MediDVR allows you to easily record digital video and images directly to a flash drive or hard drive. You can archive and share your recordings on a secure hospital networks enhance them with third-party editing programs etc.


  • Easily record crisp 1080p video and images
  • High quality HD video in H.264 or MPEG format
  • 5hrs standalone video recording
  • Still image photo and DICOM support
  • Optimized recording for medical image process
  • The video formats support most of video edit software
  • Instant replay to preview monitor or LCD
  • Simple to use, no special training required
  • Support Full HD video up to 1080p@60fps
  • Both HD and 3G SDI video input supported
  • Universal storage works with all major USB Flash, SD Card,USB HDD
  • HDMI and SDI input
  • mp4, mov video format all supported
  • SDI loop output
  • 3 level gain adjustable Omni-directional microphone
  • Still Image Photo
  • Patient information input and management
  • Shortcuts to quickly switch video source and storage media
  • Network supported for live video streaming on any devices
  • Small size and low cost and high quality
  • Upgradable firmware

  Typical Application


Power Voltage AC 110-240V 1A 50/60Hz 12VDC 2A, Medical Grade
Video and Photo Video Encoder H.264/HP, MPEG-4/SP
Resolution 1920×1080@25/30/50/60fps, 1280×720@50/60fps 480i/576i 1080i@50/60 SMPTE 425M/424M, 292M/274M/296M
Bit Rate Max. 12Mbits/s, 50/60/fps
Frame Rate 24/25/30fps, 50/60fps
Codec H.264/MPEG4,  .mp4/.mov file format
Rate Control CBR/VBR
Photo Jpeg, DICOM, BMP
Streaming RTSP
Audio Sampling 16Khz 16bits
Codec AAC Stereo
Channels 2 with AGC 2.2VDC Bias, 2.2Kohm, <0.7VRMS -36db. MIC gain adj.
Interface HD/3G SDI In. 1 x BNC, 75ohm, 800mVpp
DVI Input via HDMI/DVI adapter or cable
HDMI I nput 1 x TYPE A, Receptable
Preview LCD
SDI Loop Output Loop out HD/3G SDI, 75ohm, 800mVpp
Audio In 2CH, 2 x 3.5mm Jack, 20Kohm higher
Audio Out 2CH, 2 x 3.5mm Jack
Network RJ45 10/100 Ethernet
Network Stack RTSP
USB 4 x USB 2.0
Visible Color LED
Alert Buzz
LCD 2.4″ TFT for video preview and setting
Button Top 2 and side 3 direction
External USB Flash Drive, USB HDD, SD (Sold Seperately )
Disk Format FAT32, up to 2T
Physical Size 102 x 82 x 39mm (4″ x 3.2″ x1.2″) Aluminum case
Weight 320g (11oz)
Operating 0°C to 45°C(32°F to 113°F)
Storage -20°C to 60°C(-4°F to 140°F)
Certificate Certificate Ongoing


Item Type Last Update Version Download
Spec PDF 2018.09.29 2.3.9  
User Manual PDF 2018.09.24 2.3.9  
Firmware ZIP 2018.09.26 2.3.9


Order Information

Item P/N
HD Portable Medical Video Recorder 30421-040


Single Foot Switch 68950-001
Dual Foot Switchh 68950-002
USB Dual Foot Switch 68951-002
USB Triple Foot Switch 68951-003
USB Four Position Hand Switch 68952-004
USB Waterproof Silicon Keyboard 68980
Footswitch Extension Cable 68990-LLL(3/5/10m)
LANC Remote Control w/2.5mm Plug 30151-010
Accessories listed above are optional and sold separately