Portable Bonded Dual Video Streaming Encoder


Live200 is a high definition, dual video input, professional, bonded video stream video encoder. It is rugged, small form-factor, ultra-small and light, cost-effective Live Video Streaming Encoder for portable and field streaming application.It can push video simultaneously over multi-ple aggregated network connections, including cellu-lar 4G/LTE(one internal embedded cellular modem and up two USB modems). Offers up 5 network links including 3x4G, WIFI and LAN bonded connections, plug and play. With proprietary UMB Bond Link tech-nology and platform server, LiveV200 can provides increased bandwidth efficiency with low latency con-trol for mission critical live events freely without con-cern for poor connectivity. The state-of-art encoder can be widely used in vari-ous business activities such as product launch, open ceremony, education, training, surgical operation, drone aerial video, wedding ceremony, sports event, public welfare activities, group activates and so on.


  • Palm size, ultra small form-factor, light and portable for field live streaming
  • Creative dual camera inputs, live collage switch and preview with 6 preset and 2 customized layout with easy-to-use drag and drop
  • Propriety UMB bonding technology with high bandwidth efficiency, low latency
  • Up to 5 aggregated connections, 3x4G + WIFI + LAN. Plug and Play
  • Up to 10mbits/s bonding video stream by encoder. Up to 20mbits/s for bonding server
  • Up to 9 streaming forward support by bonding server
  • Large 3.5” LCD touch screen display for video, status preview and configuration
  • Standalone up to 5hr+ for single and 3hr+ for bonded video streaming
  • Barcode scan then configuration with mobile phone. Local and remote management by mobile phone and PC
  • Advance hardware H.264 MP/HP video codec for highest stability
  • AAC audio encoder with HDMI/SDI embedded audio support
  • Analog audio input and audio output for embedded and analog
  • Save live video into mp4 file on TF while live streaming
  • Automatic dual input resolution, format detection, no professional setting required
  • Powerful and flexible OSD, text, logo and stamp can be support with easy-to-user configuration
  • SDI loop out. Optional HDMI loop out
  • All aluminum rugged design with camera tripod mount
  • Support YouTube, twitter, Facebook and Twitch etc.
  • Based very stable Linux system. Local and online upgrade availa-ble
  • Optional GPS/gForce

Typical Application


Power Input 15V DC/1.6A
Internal Battery Lion, 8400mAH
Consumption 15V@0.5~1A, Single Channel~Bonding
12V@1.5A, Power Off Charging, ~2Hr
Network Video Streaming RTMP, RTSP
WiFi 802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4/5.8Ghz
4G LTE: FDD1/3/8, TDD38/39/40/41, USB 4G Dongle Optional
LAN 100/1000Base-T
Bonding LAN+WIFI+x34G, Simultaneous up to 5, Bonded forward x9, RTMP pull
Configuration Config Web
LCD Menu
Video Encoder H.264/AVC MP/HP
Resolution 1920×1080@25/30/50/59.94/60,  SD1920x1080i50/59.94/60, 720p50/60
Bitrate 256K-10Mbits/s
Frame Rate 25/30
Latency <200ms
Storage MicroSD/TF
Audio Input Sampling 48K
Encoder AAC, 128Kbit/s
Channel Dual, AGC
Input 0.7VRMS, 20K
MIC 2.2V, 2.2K Bias,60db gain adj.
Input SDI SD SDI, HD SDI, 3G SDI, SMPTE 296M/274M/292M
HDMI 1.4a
Audio SDI/HDMI Embedded, Analog Input
Management Configuration Mobile Phone/WeChat mini-program
WEB LAN/WIFI by PC/Mobile Phone
LCD Touch menu and buttons
Interface SDI Input 1 x BNC, 75ohm,800mVpp
SDI loop out 1 x BNC, 75ohm,800mVpp
HDMI Out 1xMini HDMI
HDMI Input 1 x Type A
Audio In 1 x 3.5mm Jack
Audio Out 1 x 3.5mm Jack
Ethernet 1 x RJ45
4G/WIFI 1 x SMA/m, 1 x SMA/F
SIM 1 x Nano SIM Auto Eject
Storage 1 x MicroSD/TF
Button 3
Sound Buzz
Indicator LED
Display 3.5” TFT LCD, Touch
Others OSD Text, Logo Caption, Time Stamp
Collage 8 Modes and 2 customized
Physical Size 104 x 82 x 37mm(4.1×3.2×1.5″),Black sand blast aluminum
Weight 431g(15.2oz) with battery
Temperature 0°C to 45°C


Item Type Last Update Version Download
Spec PDF2 2019.6.17  
User Manual PDF 2020.07.28 K2.0-A2.5x  
Frimware ZIP

Order Information

Item P/N
Onboard 4G, Band 1/3/8, TDD38-41 30411-010
Onboard 4G, 1x USB 4G Dongle 30411-011
Onboard 4 G, 2x USB 4G Dongle 30411-012


15V DC Power Adapter x 1
4G Antenna x 1
WIFI Antenna x 1
Hot Shoes x 1
USB 4G Dongle (Optional and different for different country and area)