LANC Remote Control


One model for all cameras, one button for all functions.


All-in-one LANC remote control makes one LANC remote control for all video cameras with a LANC connection and one button for all functions possible. It has three modes and works for all old models of Sony or Sony LANC compatible video camera, new DVD and Hard Disk video cameras with a 2.5mm LANC jack. You don’t need concern compatibility problems and complicated button combinations to control your video camera. Long LANC cable makes it easy to store you video camera in safe place while focusing on your sport activities. There is no need to access the DVR or video camera buttons directly for recording and standby or power on/off. It can extend the video camera battery life. Only one simple multi-color LED for video camera status feedback, such as recording, standby, low battery and low tape status.

There are three different LANC cable options: 2.5mm cable is for old models of LANC compatible video cameras, Sony 10 pin D cable is for new models of video cameras, and Lock cable is specifically designed for DVR which combines video camera, MIC and remote control together. There is also an optional LED extension cable available. A special designed Sony 10pin LANC Adapter is available if connect 2.5mm LANC to new video cameras is necessary. The LANC extension cable is also available if long range LANC remote control is required.

The LANC Remote Control is an IP67 water/dust/mud proof design. It is very good option if used in wet, dust or mud environment.


  • One LANC support all modes, CAMERA/VCR, VCR Override and REC-CTRL, all switchable.
  • Compatible with SONY, Canon camcorders
  • Low profile and water proof LANC controller.
  • Water/dust/mud proof silicon rubber cover provided
  • Power micro-controller makes one butter for all function possible.
  • LANC Adapter to new Sony 10pin A/V connector is available for option
  • Record/Standby
  • Camcorder Power On/Off
  • REC/Standby LED Indicator
  • Low tape and battery warning


CamcorderCompatibleSony, Canon, V8, Hi8, DV, HDD DV, DCR,HDR,HDV
IndicatorLEDMulit-Color high brightness.
Recording, Standby, Low Battery, Low Tape
FunctionControlPower On/Standby, Rec/Stop(Rec/Pause)
ModeCamera Mode, VCR Mode, VCR Override Mode, CTR-REC Override Mode
ButtonOne RED button
InterfaceLANC2.5mm Right Angle, Sony 10 Pin D, Lock
Length100cm, 24 AWG


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Order information

LANC Remote Control30151-010
LANC Extension65011-LLL
Sony 10pin LANC Adapter65003-030
Sony 10pin LANC Adapter without AV65003-130
Accessories listed above are optional and sold separately