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Shanghai, July 2019 – Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. – the professional Video Streaming Encoder supplier in Shanghai, introduced upgraded Portable Bonded Dual Video Streaming Encoder. It is designed for improved user experience, quick set up and ease of use, and includes a robust list of features and capabilities.
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LiveV200 is a high definition, dual video input, professional, bonded video stream video encoder. It is rugged, small form-factor, ultra-small and light, cost-effective Live Video Streaming Encoder for portable and field streaming application.

Ultra Small and Light


Weighing just over 431 g (0.95 lbs) and just about palm size. It is an ultra small and light field streaming encoder and may be the smallest in the in the industry. It is made of hardened anodized aluminum, all metal texture with good heat dissipation. Standard 1/4” tripod mount to be compatible with any camera, from camera top to tripod mount. It is just palm size and even can be drop into pocket.

Video Collage and Live Streaming


Unique and creative 6 standard pre-defined video collage layout supported by LiveV200, such as Picture in Picture (PiP), Split or single etc. and can be live switched. It can also support user defined layout by drag and drop on the screen.

Furthermore, LiveV200 can switch two video collage live with touch screen, web or by mobile phone remotely. See changes immediately on LCD screen. Two cameras video can be live switched with creative collage without additional hardware.

Video Streaming over Bonded Network


LiveV200 can push video simultaneously over multiple aggregated networks connections, including cellular 4G/LTE(one internal embedded cellular modem and up two USB modems). Offers up 5 network links including 3x4G, WIFI and LAN bonded connections, all plug and play. Simultaneous channels are only be limited by encoder. iPhone and Android smartphone can also be used as hot sport for aggregated channel. Any connection can be added or dropped without interrupting the live transmission.

With proprietary UMB Bond Link technology and bonding server platform, LiveV series can provide increased bandwidth efficiency with low latency, adaptive network payload balance and retransmission, and plug&play aggregated network connection. The robust and redundant network connections grantee high video quality for mission critical live events freely without concern for poor connectivity.

3.5″ Touch Screen


LiveV200 features on field easy-to-use 3.5” LCD with improved resolution and dramatic improvement in visibility under sunlight conditions for video and video colligate preview. It also has full touch screen UI for comprehensive status, settings and control with lock screen option at the field. Such as video input, streaming bit rate, cellular/WIFI/LAN connectivity status, data throughput, bonding status etc.

One Button Instant Live Streaming


LiveV200 will automatically detect input video input, resolution and format and go live with just one button for preconfigured device. It will resume previous live video status when power on next time. Simplified boot up and configuration makes video go live just as easy as one touch.

Hardware Based Codec


LiveV200 is hardware based H264 video encoding technology running on multi-core Linux system. It combines high quality video performance, highly flexible and stability. It is popular and widely used in the video industry. The saved mp4 video can be archived and edited by most popular video editing software.

Internal Battery for Standalone Application


LiveV200 comes with in internal rechargeable battery that can delivery up to 5Hour live streaming or up to 3.5 hour live video bonding streaming over multiple aggregated network connections.

BP-U mount
DC power adapter is equipped, it can quick fully charge the encoder in about 2+hours when encoder power off.

It can be power by DC, battery and optional BP-U battery plate. When internal battery runs dry, BP-U battery place can be add on and swap anytime.

Local and Remote Control


With built-in Webserver, LiveV200’s easy-to-use web-browser interface make it simple to setup, configure, control locally or anywhere, such as studio location, by PC or mobile phone.

On the LCD, pop up the device 2D barcode, scan the code with cellular phone, it will quickly connect to the encoder setup by phone, easy and simple.

PC or phone can also connect to the encoder via WIFI or Ethernet by the IP address displayed on the LCD.

LiveV200 encoder can be fully configured, control by web browser or wirelessly using your mobile phone from a studio location without APP.

Live Streaming to CDN


LiveV200 can stream to so many video platform, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitch, and more.

It is a dedicated encoder designed from the ground-up for live streaming to your favorite social media platform, making streaming quick and easy. Just setup your device once with your accounts and it remembers your settings for all future streams.

With bonded video streaming, it can stream live to all of your favorite platforms simultaneously.

HDMI and SDI Dual Inputs


Rugged, portable LiveVbond have both HDMI and 3G-SDI input. It seamlessly connects with both consumer and professional cameras, in addition to popular video switchers. Dual input video sources can be automatically detected without any setting.

It can capture embedded HDMI and SDI audio or analog audio with built in attenation or gain adjustment for perfect sound fidelity. All audio input can be looped output to earphone.

Onboard Recording


Offers a dedicated record button on encoder or from mobile interface for immediate recording.

Simply plug in FAT32 formatted TF/MicroSD card to start recording immediately. The file will be saved in H264 based mp4 file for footage or post editing.

Flexible Internet Connectivity


The LiveV200 allows stream over three kinds of networks.

2.4/5G Wifi
Hard-wired 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
4G LTE internal and USB modem.

All network is plug and play without special configuration

Powerful and Flexible OSD


Flexible customized OSD Overlay

Design own custom layout of video, text and logo, just by drag and drop. Customized it completely with backgrounds, overlay image and time stamp.

For example, user can drag and drop SDI videoon the upper left, HDMI video on the right with a professional image background. It can be used in conference.



The state-of-art encoder can be widely used in various business activities such as product launch, open ceremony, education, training, surgical operation, drone aerial video, wedding ceremony, sports event, public welfare activities, group activates and so on.

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