1. Please open the SRTMiniSever software and select the streaming method. It can stream to the LOCALNET or INTERNET.

2. Open the start button on the right. Choose the streaming line and copy the SRT URL and Stream ID of the line.

3. Log in to the ZowieBox web console and click Setting->Streaming->Internet. Click +Add to add a new streaming task. Enter a alias name and change the protocol type to SRT.

4.Paste the copied SRT URL and Stream ID into the stream URL, and enter ?streamid= between the SRT URL and Stream ID, as shown in the figure below.

5. Click the save button to open the push button.

By contacting Apple technical support, the Mac mini’s actual signal resolution is always the maximum resolution supported by the display. Changing the resolution through display settings can only actually change the visual image size. Therefore, Mac mini will always recognize ZowieBox as a 4k60 display, and ZowieBox currently cannot support 4k60 output and encoding. Currently it is not possible to use Mac mini as a signal source for ZowieBox.

Currently, when VLC, NDI, OBS and other software do NDI encoding, the encoding format is mostly NDI|HB or Full NDI, ZowieBox does not support NDI|HB and Full NDI decoding as the specification, if you need to decode these NDI sources, please use the Bridge tool of NDI Tools to convert the NDI source to HX and then decode it.

1. Open Bridge tool

2. Select Local and enter the name of the current group in the group to share (usually Public).

Click the Setup button in the lower right corner, set the output format to HX and click Start.

3. At this time, open the NDI decoder interface again, and click the NDI source converted by Bridge to decode it.

1、 Please check the input resolution and output resolution of Feelworld, it is recommended to keep both input and output resolution at 1080p60/50.

2、 Please try to plug the HDMI cable again.

3、 Please output Feelworld’s signal to other displays to see if it is correct

4、 Please download Feelworld’s software and change the Bits to 8bit in the HDMI output settings as shown below.

Please log in ZowieBox web control interface, click Setting->Streaming->Local.

Click the button on the right side to copy the RTSP URL directly.

Please plug the storage device into the computer to see if the file can be played. 

If it can be played, then please check whether the audio format of the video recording is MP3, if it is MP3, then it is a normal phenomenon.

At present, the video preview does not support the preview of the audio format of MP3 format files.