There are 2 ways to find the IP address.

1. The camera is connected to the monitor.

    Then restart the camera.

    After that, IP address can be found In the upper left      corner.

2. Please download -> bin_MT_64 -> NetSearch.exe -> click ”Search”

To begin with, your camera will need to be connected to the network and adjust it according…

To begin with, your camera will need to be connected to the network and adjust it according to your own network environment. Please make sure that your PTZ camera, router, and computer are in the same network segment. Instructions can be found HERE

You should install NDI tools, then running application, choose NDI Camera Video source. As shown in the figure.

In the taskbar, select the “Webcam Input” button, click right key, Select the NDI HX device as the Webcam Input. For example: NDI-654495.

Add a ‘Video Capture Device’ Source.
Select the ‘NewTek NDI Video’ device.

Now you can see the videos in the OBS.

Or you can access the RTSP feed by Media Source.

If you want to become a dealer or OEM/ODM partners…

If you want to become a dealer or OEM/ODM partners, please contact our sales directly. We are looking for dealer, distributor and partners worldwide.

 If you are interested in becoming distributor or dealer, please contact us today now. We are now looking for partners of Medical Video Recorder products worldwide. We are also seeking distributors of other products in Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East and other countries.

Purpose and Scope of Document

This document sets forth the relevant policy applicable to consumers who have purchased Zowietek products and resulting in repair returns. Modifying this Policy: Zowietek may, at its option, modify some or all of this Policy at any time without notice.


Zowietek’s Liability

Zowietek has a 30-day return policy for defective items. Warranty begins from the date we ship the product to end-users. The dealer or end-user is required to send the defective product(s) back to the Zowietek for return processing. The customer must submit a return authorization request on Amazon and attaching the RMA form. Returns outside the 30-day time period are not eligible for credit. Product(s) that have been painted tampered with, labels removed, or any other modifications will void the credit warranty. These product(s) may be repaired but fees may apply.


Advance Replacement

Zowietek has a one year warranty policy. Consumers must return defective products to Zowietek. Consumers need submit a Return Material Authorization request to Zowietek via the RMA form within 30 days.

In the unlikely case of product failure within the first year of ownership Zowietek will make the best effort to ship replacement product(s), via distribution, of equivalent performance and specifications. An RMA for Credit request is mandatory for the return of the defective product(s).

Repair: The customer must fill out and submit the RMA form with all the required information to assist the repair department with diagnosing and repairing the item. Only an “Estimation of Charges” is sent to customers for the repair of non-warranty goods, which they must review and sign if acceptable. Non-warranty items require written authorization from the customer. If an item is deemed “un-repairable” the customer is contacted and has the option of having the product returned, having the product scrapped or purchasing a new unit as replacement.

Packaging Requirements: All returned products must be packaged to afford individual mechanical protection so damage does not occur while the product is in transit to Zowietek. In addition, all packaging should be comparable to the packaging in which Zowietek originally shipped the product. For multiple packages, each package must be labeled with the approved RMA number and properly sealed, and a copy of the RMA form must be enclosed with the shipment. The customer must enclose a packing list identifying the contents in each shipping carton. Zowietek is not responsible for packages or items received damaged in transit, and repair fees will apply for Repair RMAs.


The following situations are not covered by the warranty

1. The one-year warranty period is exceeded from the date of receipt of the product;

2. The product is damaged due to improper use by the customer;

3. Damage caused by use in an unsuitable natural environment, improper operation, or unreasonable modification; 

4. Product damage caused by natural disasters such as fires, floods, sandstorms, tornadoes, etc. is not covered by the warranty.


Technical Out-of-Warranty Returns

 1. Out-of-Warranty Returns: Out-of-Warranty Returns are returns of defective product. Or product to which customer desires to have work done, but are not covered within Zowietek’s warranty terms and conditions.

2. Eligibility: Out-of-Warranty Retuns are by approval and upon payment of Zowietek’s prevailing administrative fee.

3. Request Period: The RMA request can be made at any time, but Zowietek is under no obligation to provide support or repair for Out-of-Warranty Returns.

4. Freight Charges: The Customer will pay inbound freight and outbound freight.


RMAForm Amazon-UKWORD08/08/22 
RMAForm Amazon-EUWORD08/08/22 
RMAForm Amazon-USWORD08/08/22 
RMAForm Amazon-ELSEWORD08/08/22 
Before you start & use MediDVR, please refer the manual of your video source device to get the correct information of video output signal that your video device supply…

Before you start to use MediDVR, please refer the manual of your video source device to get the correct information of video output signal that your video device supply.

You’re suggested to plug or unplug video source device to MediDVR while power off.

The built-in LCD screen or external monitor of MediDVR will display blue-screen if no video source input is connected, in which MediDVR can’t decide video input signal correctly.

In the following Problem/Solution section, please refer the solutions and adjust your devices correctly.


P: The equipment does not start up.

S: Confirm that the power plug is connected. (Make sure that it is properly connected to an outlet and has not become disconnected.) Switch the Power Button on.


P: The screen shows black or stripes.

S: If the incorrect video input option or input resolution selected, device will be unable to get video input signal or judge video input signal correctly, so screen will display incorrectly, such as noise, blue screen, or with vertical stripe. Please refer the follow table and set correctly depend on your video input device.


P: How to set the right resolution/FPS?

S: The equipment will automatically find the suitable Resolution and FPS depending on the input signal when starting up or the signal type is chosen. We recommend you not to manually change the options of Resolution or FPS except for special situations.


P: Cannot upgrade.

S: Try to restore to default under the setting menu and then repeat the upgrade procedure again.


P: Video color is not correct.

S: If the video color of small LCD or the color of recorded video is not correct, try to change Chroma-> Normal to Reversal under the video menu.


P: No Video on LCD and preview DVI output.

S: Check all physical connections.Make sure to use INPUT button to select correct video input.To preview the DVI output video, please go to Menu-> Video-> Output and switch on.


P: The selected Storage media is not right.

S: MediDVR requires manual selection of storage media.

Please use STORAGE  button to select correct storage media and make sure the disk is formatted in FAT32.


P: Recorded video corrupted.

S: Once video recording stopped, it will take some time to save video. When recording is stopped, the MediDVR takes a few seconds to save the file. To prevent data loss, before unplugging the storage device, please press the STORAGE button (or directly touch the storage icon in the upper right corner of the LCD screen) to select the current storage interface to eject the device.

When you hear a beep and the system prompts “USB# can safely remove the current storage”, eject the storage media.


P: Video don’t display correctly.

S: It is always a good idea to switch to the video or turn on the MediDVR after the video input signal connected stably. Set the video signal to AUTO under the video menu. MediDVR can detect and recognize the input video format automatically.


P: Use a TF Card while the video files malfunction/recording corruptions happened.

S: The writing speed requirements of the TF card are as follows:

     1. For TF cards with a speed level of V30 or higher, the write speed must be               greater than 60MB/s.

     2. It is recommended to use SanDisk Extreme, SanDisk Extreme. For users                 who need to record for a long time all year round, SanDisk High Endurance           is recommended. It is not recommended to use any TF card other than the             recommended TF card, which may result in no guarantee of video quality.


P: Use an USB Flash Drive while the video files malfunction or

recording corruptions happened. 

S: Low write speed may cause unexpected problem.

    The write speed requirements for USB flash drives are as follows:

    1. For USB flash drives with USB3.0 interface, the write speed needs to be                  greater than 60MB/s.

    2. It is recommended to use SanDisk CZ73, CZ74, CZ430 and CZ880. It is not              recommended to use any other USB flash drive as this may result in no                  guarantee of video quality.


P: The screen shows incorrect information when the files of a full USB drive has been deleted before long and the USB then connect the device again. 

S: In this case you can try to format the USB drive to “FAT32” or restart the device to solve this problem.