Yes, here  is the Visca commands for 1080P version

(90482-970, 90483-970, 90492-970, 90493-970)

81 0A 11 A3 00 FF Turn off AI Tracking
81 0A 11 A3 01 FF Single mode
81 0A 11 A3 02 FF Automatic framing
81 0A 11 A3 03 FF Demo mode

Here  is the Visca commands for 4K version(90482-960, 90492-960)

81 0A 11 54 02 FF Turn on AI Tracking
81 0A 11 54 03 FF  Turn off AI Tracking
81 0A 11 A3 02 FF Choose people left 
81 0A 11 A3 03 FF Choose people right 
81 0A 11 A3 04 FF Confirm AI Track is turned on

1. Test using the camera for the 20x lens version
2. The test resolution frame rate is: 1080P60, 1080P50, 1080P30, 1080P25, 1080I60, 1080I50, 720P60, 720P50
3. The brand and model of the monitor used in the test: Konvision-KVM-2450W, Lenovo P27h-30
4. The distance between the test light source and the camera:  90cm
5. The acquisition time of each segment of delayed data: 30s
6. Other preset conditions: the brightness amplitude of the monitor screen is adjusted to 10, and the resolution is adjusted using the OSD menu

The camera cannot control the zoom while on AI tracking mode. If you want to control the zoom, you need to turn off AI tracking mode.

Step 1: Move joystick to select [gateway]
Step 2: Press the button [CLEAR] to delete number “254”

Step 3: Press the button [1] to input 1

Step 4: Press down the joystick to save settings

  Yes, but you need to upgrade the firmware. If you need, please contact us.
  No. Only the Ethernet interface works. It only support ONVIF protocol.