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PTZ Streaming Camera
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Backpack USB 4G Bonded Dual Camera Video Streaming Encoder

LiveV300 is a high definition, bonded dual camera input video streaming encoder for backpack and mobile. It is professional, rugged, ultra small form-factor, light, cost-effective…


This series camera offers perfect functions, superior performance and rich interfaces. The features include advanced ISP processing algorithms to provide vivid images with a strong sense of depth, high resolution and fantastic color rendition…

HD Medical Video Recorder

The MediDVR, a medical grade all interface in one full HD Video Recorder, is industry’s most affordable and versatile high definition recorder solution. It combines superior image and video quality all versatile inputs extensive easy control…

Portable Bonded Dual Video Streaming Encoder Released

Shanghai, July 2019 – Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. introduced upgraded Portable Bonded Dual Video Streaming Encoder. It is designed for improved…

LiveV200 Successfully Implemented in the Medical Surgical Video Streaming

Shanghai, In April 2020– Zowietek Electronics, Ltd. cooperated with two companies from Beijing and Shanghai, developed the PTZ , which makes LiveV200 successfully applied to surgical operation video streaming…

Portable Medical Video Recorder Released

Zowietek is pround to introduce Portable Medical Video Recorder, a portable Surgical Video Recorder. It is designed for better user expericence, quick set up, ease of use, and includes a robust list of features and capabilities…

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